Named three ways to obtain a digital pass to get around Moscow

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so, the first way is an online To do this, users need to register on the portal, choose the service “get a digital pass to move around the city territory of Moscow”, enter the required details and submit the application. For traveling by car to indicate its mark and number, and if you want to go by public transport to enter the card number “three” or “Arrow” as well as well as INN of the organization or the name of the medical facility in which you are going. The system displays on the screen a special code which you can save to record, photograph or make a screenshot and take it with you. At the same time pass you will receive via e-mail.

the Second method of obtaining permits – with the help of SMS to the number 7377. The message should specify the purpose code transportation around town (1 – for travel to work, 2 – to travel to the medical institution 3 – other purposes), surname, name and patronymic, who required a pass, a series and passport number, car number or the card “Troika”/”Arrow” (if using), and was the organization or the name of the medical facility in which you are going.

for Example: Pass*1*Smith*Ivan*I.*1*4411*123456*Т111МО777*1111111111

numerical code will come in reply SMS.

the Third way of permit: call the Unified referral service of the government of Moscow: +7 (495) 777-77-77. The operator of the contact center to request the necessary information and to fill in data for the digital pass. Then dictate the code of digital badges. This code is necessary to record and report patrols during validation.

Example code: 1104-T123-МО11-К123

In case of troubleknowiny the problems with pass, citizens can get advice on the same phone: +7 (495) 777-77-77.

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to Check the digital pass are entitled to only authorized persons engaged in the control of movement. Along with a pass need to present a passport. The employee will check the digital pass into the presence of the citizen with the help of a special program in the tablet.

the Personal information that residents give the city to obtain permits, will be stored on the territory of Russia are protected in the closed circuit of the data processing centre of the Department of information technology of Moscow. After the end of the high alert mode all information on issued passes will be destroyed.

Start making digital badges can be had from Monday, April 13. Wednesday have a digital pass for travel will be required.