Moscow will strengthen control over observance of the regime of isolation of the entrepreneurs

this is the aim of additional measures to prevent the spread of coronavirus infection, the introduction of which reads the new decree of the head of the capital. “They will affect businesses that continue to operate,” says mayor Sergei Sobyanin. And at the same time said:

Photo: Mikhail Voskresensky/ RIA Novosti Sobyanin ordered the enterprises and institutions of the city to take action against the spread of the virus

“once the danger is severely reduced or disappear entirely, these temporary measures will be immediately abolished. Everything we do today is aimed at one thing – to protect Muscovites from danger as quickly as possible and without losses through difficult times,” – said the mayor.

Businesses and organizations, not established a ban on their citizens visiting have to correct their work. Now they are required to provide the email address following information:

– the number of employees (not subject to transfer to the remote mode, translated into “udalenka” and temporarily employed in accordance with the decision of the President of the R f loss of wages) with no personal data;

– the types of activity and place of its realization (with indication of the corresponding address code from the Federal information address system);

– taxpayer identification number (TIN) and the main state registration number (PSRN).

Photo: Russia 24/ Sobyanin told about the rules of movement of vehicles in the capital

Consultations on issues of provision of stated information are made by phone:+7 (495) 870-72-98.

the decree emphasizes that in their buildings, premises and adjacent territories, employers are required to provide a mode of social distancing and disinfection. As well as to measure the temperature of workers and to translate them into a mode of self-isolation.

In the number of organizations that can continue working in conditions of high alert, adding retail facilities, implementing medical and optical eye care products (equipment), as well as companies that provide services on the basis of the license for medical activities.

the decree of the Mayor of Moscow “On amendments to the decree of the Mayor of Moscow “About modification of the Decree of the Moscow Mayor dated March 5, 2020 No. 12-UM”

the decree of the Mayor of Moscow “About features of application of measures of responsibility for violations by organizations and individual entrepreneurs of high alert in the city of Moscow.”