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The introduction of the regime of self-isolation leads to a reduction of water consumption overall, but to increase water bills from the public. Water consumption by citizens has started to rise due to the relocation of residents on the remote work, as well as more frequent hand washing
Passport under the regime of self-isolation needs to carry every resident of Moscow. This was stated by the Chairman of city Parliament Alexey Shaposhnikov. He stressed that the registration address with the actual place of residence to verify nobody will
In Moscow, a system of monitoring the location of patients with mers who have chosen treatment at home. If the patient is out of the house, the violation will be immediately known
The registered capital of 448 new cases of infection with coronavirus infection. Among the newly sick - 199 people aged 18 to 45 years. Oberstar notes that 53.5% of new cases occur in women
The number of people infected with novel coronavirus infection in Russia has increased for the last day on 601 and is 4149 people in 78 regions. The most added in Moscow - 448 sick
Shutter - a feat primarily monastic. But the situation with the spread of the coronavirus unexpectedly gave believers the possibility of this feat and find a time for concentration, concentration, full prayer. This is especially important during lent, said Archpriest Mikhail Dudko
Need to enter throughput mode yet, said Sergey Sobyanin. He promised to return to this issue under adverse situation for the coronavirus or in the case of numerous violations of the regime of self-isolation
Exhibition of Maria Safronova "What if?" had ended a couple of weeks before the scheduled date. Perfect rhymes with the rational in the universe, who creates the artist. Browser "RG", shared his impressions of the exposition
The Federal service of execution of punishments said that in the detention centers a regime of special conditions. Date suspended lawyers are allowed through the glass
The introduction of passes for getting around the city is irrelevant for Moscow, says mayor Sergei Sobyanin. "The experience of the first non-working week have shown that while this is not necessary," wrote the mayor in his blog
Moscow mayor Sergei Sobyanin signed a law providing for penalties for violation of the regime of self-isolation. For a single violation the guilty will pay four thousand rubles, for the re - five thousand
Moscow oncological center Blokhin has suspended admission of patients to the primary office. Staff transferred to the quarantine and testing for COVID-19, confirmed "RG". This is due to test positive for the coronavirus one of the employees
Now in the capital of the 40th hospital in the project consists of the treatment of 325 patients. For the day, there were 52 patients, 33 were discharged in connection with the recovery. This was announced by the chief doctor Denis Protsenko
Broadcast live from the floor of Ilya Repin, where he returned his paintings from the exhibition in the Russian Museum, was a breathtaking sight. Sure columnist "RG" and the audience, commenting on what is happening. Just real life in any Museum opens it from the service entrance
In Moscow started testing a application that will monitor the quarantine mode. It is intended mainly for patients with a mild form of the coronavirus, which have the right to stay home
Moscow is technically ready to introduction of QR codes, which are used to track the movement of citizens in the days of self-isolation, said the head of the Department of information technology Eduard Lysenko. And monitor compliance with quarantine will be app
Health doctors and nurses of hospitals where treated cases of coronavirus infection is under control, they get regular tests. This was reported by the operational headquarters on control and monitoring of the situation with COVID-19 in Moscow
Five patients with pneumonia and positive tests for coronavirus has died in Moscow. As reported by the operational headquarters on control and monitoring of the situation with COVID-19, people aged 61 to 74 years with severe concomitant diseases
Metropolitan courts may consider the request of the investigation on the extension of a measure of restraint to the accused in jail without their presence in court. This solution is introduced in connection with the epidemiological situation in Moscow
The Moscow experience in the fight against coronavirus infection is needed more than ever. 24 region after the capital and the Moscow region introduced a state of isolation. What is an example of capital? Read more about this in the article "RG"
Capacity steripod 50 grams in the pharmacy next to the house of the correspondent of "RG" manufacturer rated at 355 rubles. Comparable to the price of luxury wines in the supermarket. After market research proved that this is not the peak price
The chief doctor of one of the largest Metropolitan hospitals, disused for the reception of patients with the coronavirus, called on all residents to strictly observe the regime of self-isolation. He also shared information about the dynamics of hospital admission in patients
Sergei Sobyanin has decided to cancel the contributions for the repair of Muscovites from April 1 to June 30. In addition, betting offices, totalizators and betting shops, according to the decree of the mayor should suspend work until further notice
During the day, since the establishment in Moscow of unemployment benefits in the amount 19500 rubles, has already received 10 thousand applications for its payment. This was announced by the Deputy mayor of Moscow of Moscow on issues of social development Anastasia Rakova
Investigators are checking on the fact of dissemination of false information associated with coronavirus infection. It is noted that on 26 March a user posted a video containing false information about the restrictive measures in Moscow and region
The court of cassation banned to deprive the rights of drivers in absentia. The principle is simple: if driver is not given a chance to speak in his defense, it is a serious procedural violation, and to punish in this case it is not
Moscow authorities explained, is it possible to travel in Moscow oblast under conditions of quarantine, how to determine which store is nearest and how to use public transport. The answers to the main questions
The Russians were less interested in the currency. Buy foreign notes we want 10 percent of the population. There are several reasons - lack of savings, high dollar, uncertainty of position in connection with the epidemic of the coronavirus
The tightening of the regime of self-isolation has already given its effect, said Deputy Moscow mayor Anastasia Rakova. Monday, March 30, the situation has improved, the majority of Muscovites stayed home, she said
Recall, the double champion of Russia on Boxing in the light heavyweight division George Kushitashvili (quarterfinalist last year's world championship Boxing) is accused in a criminal case. FSB exposed a group of underground gunsmiths of the KCHR and...
At the Moscow international House of music, as in all theatres and concert halls in the world, today, silence. Billboard closed until 11 April, concerts are canceled or rescheduled. The President of the house of music Vladimir Spivakov told "RG" on how musicians cope with the difficult situation
High alert against the coronavirus, at least for a time, but radically changes our life, it complicates it. Not all and not immediately realize it. In Nizhny Novgorod held a court for the involuntary admission of
Residents of Moscow, St. Petersburg and other Russian cities come together to thank and support the doctors who are currently fighting the epidemic COVID-19. Read more about this in the article "WG"
Moscow mayor Sergei Sobyanin on March 29 signed a decree that the capital is entered home quarantine for all. Citizens are forbidden to leave the place of residence, except for certain cases
Rospotrebnadzor in Moscow recommends that parents not to play with the kids on the playgrounds, in parks and yards. It is noted that whenever possible it is necessary to limit contact with children, they should stay home.
In Moscow was closed 14.9 thousand public catering enterprises and over 40 thousand stores. "In General, the mechanism of social distancing began to work", - summed up the first days the mayor of Moscow Sergey Sobyanin and urged all to take care of yourself and stay home
In Moscow there was a perinatal palliative care program to support families who are waiting for the birth of a terminally ill child. Previously, such parents immediately issued direction on termination of pregnancy for medical reasons, and now they have a choice
The state of the Soviet and Russian singer, people's artist of the RSFSR Lev Leshchenko, who is in hospital in Kommunarka with a diagnosis of "coronavirus," he improved, he was transferred to a regular room, said his friend also people's artist of Russia Vladimir Vinokur.
In Russia confirmed for the last day of the 228 cases of new cases of coronavirus infection COVID-19. They added in 26 regions. Recorded one fatal case in Moscow. The total number of deaths - 4
Moscow mayor Sergei Sobyanin thanked the Metropolitan physicians for their work in the fight against coronavirus. "Always with great respect for the work of physicians, but for now just admire," he said
In Moscow on the morning of Saturday was General cleaning of streets, the first after winter. And then in the afternoon the roads treated with disinfectants, and the procedure for the first time will be held in the city's history
Every evening in a secluded place for the capital of the Yaroslavl station, people flock. Mostly homeless. Here the volunteers of the charitable Foundation named Elizabeth Glinka and Krutitsy metochion feed and treat those who have nowhere to "isolate itself" from the coronavirus
Cultural institutions, including theatres, museums and libraries closed for quarantine. However, many of them invited the public to attend performances at the Network, read electronic copies of unique books and even go on a virtual tour
The mayor appealed to residents of Moscow with the request not to leave home during non-working weeks. "This is not an extraordinary holiday and a key measure to combat spread of the new coronavirus infection," - said the mayor
Schedule will change from 1 April. Due to the reduction in the number of flights will be canceled several morning and evening trains on the Sheremetyevo and Domodedovo areas
The fourth victim of the coronavirus became 56-the summer inhabitant of Moscow. According to the Federal operational headquarters, informed after the cancer she had removed one lung. According to doctors, the patient died under increasing phenomena of multiple organ failure
On Friday Moscow mayor Sergei Sobyanin has opened the largest in the country the clinic for patients with COVID-19, designed by 1,3 thousand beds. The new hospital has been deployed in city clinical hospital №15 named after Filatov. In Moscow already prepared a Department of eight hospitals
Six new stations were opened in the Moscow metro. "A heavy construction site. The path pass under the railway, highways, major utilities. But the builders managed", - said Sobyanin and thanked everyone for their work
In recent days, Russia has added 196 confirmed cases COVID-19 IN 16 regions. The country today was 1 036 cases of coronavirus infection in 58 regions. "RG" publishes the full list of cities
In Moscow, three more people cured from COVID-19, said Deputy mayor for social development Anastasia Rakova. Thus, the capital has already recovered 18