Embracing online learning: as the quarantine experiencing theater students

“Community work” – a move said the two leaders. But security measures, of course, tightened. In the building of “Schukinskaya hostel” Polezhaevskaya street, which occupies only the third floor of the entire room, a long established thermal imagers. To everyone who entered to measure the temperature and report if necessary, doctors. In addition, there are regularly held sanitary treatment, and the students tend not to release unless absolutely necessary.

Grigory Zaslavsky said that already signed a contract with the clinic, in the dormitory on duty nurse. 2 shifts of 12 hours.

“we had 380 students. Now there are 139, of which 26 foreigners – said Zaslavsky. – When did the quarantine, people began to leave EN masse. At first I tried to convince them not to go, and then we with colleagues from other institutions have realized that it is better to let the guys in the regions. The main thing is to keep in touch”.

Yevgeny Knyazev, in turn, said that some foreign students stayed in Moscow, the closed borders. “Everyone who did not manage to leave, are staying at the hostel. Nobody touches them. They live 2-3 people in the room.”

as for the food, the situation is different. GITIS dining room not only continues to work, it has become more budget. “We feed the students 3 times a day. Morning – porridge for 10 rubles, a 3-course meal with a free pie and dinner, – said Grigory Medvedev. – The object of my pride is that of the 60 people who feed GITIS, 3 people continue to receive their salaries. Thus, we support small business. I must say that this company brings more products: cereals, milk, yogurt, etc.”

In the Shchukin school, according to the rector, there was never a specific need in the dining halls. But now they are also closed. “Students have to worry about the foods themselves, – explained Evgeniy Vladimirovich. They have each floor has a kitchen with electric plates. But it was practicalEski always, and not in terms of quarantine. Even in normal times children run away at 7 am, barely having time to drink coffee. However, at the Institute we have a canteen, where they are fed cereals and hot meals until 8 PM, realizing that the Dorm never happens.”

in GITIS and Shchukin school students switched to distance learning, but the emphasis is mainly on General subjects. “Our craft is very difficult to do remotely – explained Yevgeny Knyazev. – It is impossible to teach, to show, what guys do right and wrong. It’s hard to explain how to interact with a partner. I hope this will be over soon, and while I continue to appeal to justice. Students need as often as possible to say that they can be carriers of the disease!”

At the moment all visits to the hostels is strictly prohibited. Cases among students have not been identified.

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