Belarus has asked Russia to reduce gas prices

that fact had to pay attention to Alexander Lukashenko. And he is called, was not long to wait.

on April 9, when OPEC+ decide how to raise the price of oil (by reducing the quotas of the countries of the Alliance), the old Man turned to Moscow asking to reduce prices supplied from Russia to the Republic of natural gas. The logic of our brothers is simple: the price of oil in the world is very low, while prices for natural gas supplies also have a pronounced tendency to decrease.

Why pay more?

Recall that between Russia and Belarus signed an agreement according to which prices for the supply of “blue fuel” in 2020 remained at the level of the previous year and amount to 127 USD per thousand cubic meters.

What more, or less?

We decided to ask the expert, “MK”.

– a Reason to return to this topic, Minsk, – the Director of the energy development Fund Sergey PIKIN.- From the point of view of long-term agreements for supply of natural gas can be assumed that Belarus has appointed the good and low price. But today, because of the pandemic coronavirus gas in the world depreciates quotes its exchange rate is about $ 100 per thousand cubic meters. Somewhere between these two values for Minsk and wants to reduce the price of gas.

Moscow will be spent on these requests?

it is Hard to say. Likely to go. The supply of oil for the current year, we have greatly reduced the price for the neighboring powers. However, at that moment, she had already begun to dramatically fall in price, Belarus in this respect was lucky. I think the same issue will be solved and gas prices.

But not limited to a single energy in our relationship. Pandemic coronavirus touched 1486 people in Belarus. Minsk has appealed to Moscow, asked for help. As stated by the press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov, such assistance is already being provided.

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