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In the capital confirmed 1030 new cases of infection with coronavirus infection. Of them - 47.5 per cent of people aged 18 to 45 years. Currently registered in the city 8852 case of coronavirus
Isolation is in progress in Moscow and gives people a discomfort. It concerns and media persons. How comforting to quarantine yourself known to people that you can cook on the forced home stay and how to build in a period of isolation relationships with children, we were told the actors and designers.
Victims of night fire in the West of Moscow was 73-year-old pensioner and her 39-year-old son
One of the first Internet began to upload videos of their workouts defenseman Anton Piskunov. He and his wife equipped sports area on the balcony. Sometimes Anton joins son Miroslav, who at the end of summer marks eight years, reports "MK in Volgograd" citing "in Volgograd the truth.ru".
From 8 to 15 April, the Jews celebrate the Passover, one of the main festivals symbolizing the birth of a new Jewish people out of slavery. And already on April 12, the torch will be Western Christians, celebrating Easter, a story about the possibility of the son of man to transcend the physical shell and find a new life. By and large, we all celebrate the same holiday - the liberation from the shackles of injustice, and the transition to a new stage of awareness of the world.
In the apartment of a 16-storey building in the South-West of the capital, a fire occurred, which killed two people
The former head of Rospotrebnadzor, state Duma Deputy Gennady Onishchenko commented on the introduction in Moscow, new quarantine measures, one of which is entry permits for leaving the house
The deal Russia and Saudi Arabia within OPEC+ reduction of oil production will cause a heavy blow to the Russian economy. This was stated by well-known economic analyst Mikhail Krutikhin, specializing in the oil and gas market.
Despite the isolation, the struggle for historical buildings in the capital continues: developers are trying, while the townspeople and the inspection of city departments sit at home, to perform the maximum amount of work on the disputed objects, and local activists with redoubled ardor them in this way.A classic example of this situation is the famous pavilion restaurant on the Patriarchal, where the owner carries out repairs, which scared the residents of the district, will result in inconsistent add-on. On the side of the developer - "protected" status of the construction site that is not under quarantine. The public also does not sleep — in defense of the pavilion, made from 45 well-known artists.
Actors theatre "Modern" on camera reading poetry and prose, said Yuri Grymov. Writer Elena Chizhova is working on a novel. MIM Anwar Myampquot; took photos for "RG". And writer Valery Popov felt the Earth's rotation
The main intrigue of the world petroleum negotiations is whether countries involved in the new deal OPEC+, to persuade Mexico to accept the General conditions – lasted less than a day. Initially, Mexico refused to cut production by 400 thousand barrels per day. The next day the figure changed to 350 thousand, and the country was agree that 250 thousand of them took over the United States. Now the final approval of the transaction is expected in the evening of 10 April. In the conference of energy Ministers of "big twenty".
Artists, history, stories, art dealers and curators, or otherwise associated with the experience of a lonely inspiration or hard of loneliness, presented in the online project of the Pushkin Museum named after Pushkin. It is called symbolically - "100 ways to live a moment"
Investigators found on one of the Internet sites the announcement of the sale of the tests COVID-19. Scam was arrested by the police. It turned out that the attackers didn't even sell the tests, and disposable vacuum tubes
In Russia 40 million people have loans from banks. Many several types of obligations: consumer, mortgage, and credit card. And every fourth borrower more than three-month delay in payment.For the loan does not even have to go to the Bank, it is enough to be in the nearby shopping centre to look at the website of the online store or a travel Agency. Temptations lurk at every turn, and then on his neck tightened loop.To cope with the problem difficult, but you can find fellow sufferers, the same borrowers, and together to try to get rid of the credit function, which has been compared to drug and alcohol...
Artists, history, stories, art dealers and curators, or otherwise associated with the experience of a lonely inspiration or hard of loneliness, presented in the online project of the Pushkin Museum named after Pushkin. It is called symbolically - "100 ways to live a moment"
Moscow mayor Sergei Sobyanin has announced plans to create in the capital COVID centers. "The main task of these centers will be diagnosis and the choice of tactics of treatment of patients," - said the head of the city
On the Moscow ring highway there was a collision of two trucks and one car, which killed two people
Deal within OPEC+, joined our country, the oil gave the market hope that the cost of "black gold" will go back to $40-45. The importance of the document was evaluated at the highest level: the presidents of Russia and USA Vladimir Putin and Donald trump in a telephone conversation discussed issues of stabilization of international prices for raw materials and agreed to continue the dialogue on this issue. It should be noted that for the second time during the day, the heads of state discussed the subject of oil. Last night on the situation on the market of "black gold" they talked with the participation of king of Saudi Arabia Salman bin Abdulaziz al Saud. This composition of participants of the negotiation process makes it clear that the transaction is a done deal. Now there is hope that the cost of "black gold" will go back to $40-45, which will save the Russian budget from another deficit.
Artists, history, stories, art dealers and curators, or otherwise associated with the experience of a lonely inspiration or hard of loneliness, presented in the online project of the Pushkin Museum named after Pushkin. It is called symbolically - "100 ways to live a moment"
Allowances for children aged 3 to 7 years in low-income families will be raised in Moscow. This was reported in his blog the mayor of Moscow Sergey Sobyanin. He said that this is not a temporary measure, and constant. The amount of the payments will be 7613 rubles a month per each child
In Moscow stopped the first driver, was discharged after being infected with coronavirus and breaching home quarantine
The Governor of the Kemerovo region Sergey Tsivilev ordered to remove the regime of holidays from several companies, according to a Telegram channel Governor
16 people were injured, according to specified data, the fire in boarding house for elderly people in Moscow, have informed in the emergency services of the city
If in previous years the village has often suffered from the vagaries of the weather and the "zone of risky agriculture", today these two traditional evils was added another and perhaps the main pandemic and coronavirus and its implications.Despite the optimal sowing period and the vegetative period, authorities highly recommend to old and small to sit at home and not go out.But the cloth-self-Branca has not yet been invented!In these circumstances, domestic farmers will hold the seed that you sow and what you reap in the fall? The zone of risky agriculture (snowless winter and early spring, according to weather forecasts) has not been canceled...
Deputy mayor for housing and Peter Biryukov, in conversation with journalists has named the preliminary cause of fire in the nursing home in the West of the capital, which resulted in the deaths of four people
2 stadiums will appear in Pskov this year
An abundance of tests to identify COVID-19 and are not always accurate and their results are very confusing Muscovites. How to understand a large variety of emerging options diagnostic systems? What is PCR or rapid test? Which one is highly sensitive and which is not? Is it possible to take the analysis from himself and send to the lab? To put things into proper perspective, we asked the head of the laboratory for genome editing National medical research center. V. I. Kulakov, doctor of biological Sciences Denis REBRIKOV.
Deputy Moscow mayor for housing, utilities and amenities Pyotr Biryukov told reporters that the hotel burning private nursing homes will be transferred to other pensions
Each of the patients were confirmed the diagnosis of pneumonia and received a positive test result for coronavirus infection. They also had comorbidities. Among the dead - people aged 46 to 90 years
Police in the capital received the right to prosecute for violations of the regime of self-isolation. The agreement between the interior Ministry and the Moscow government approved the decree of Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin
More than a third of cases of coronavirus in Moscow - people from 46 to 65 years. It is reported by the operational headquarters on control and monitoring of the situation with coronavirus in the capital. In total, the city added in the last day 697 cases
The capital continues to increase its number of beds for the treatment of patients with coronavirus infection. The Moscow government will allocate five billion rubles for the conversion of the Federal clinics that connect to the suppression of a dangerous virus
More than 145 thousand people per month were tested for the coronavirus in Moscow. This was reported by Deputy Moscow mayor for social development Anastasia Rakova. The tests in the capital for a new infection are in the Federal, municipal and private laboratories
Mode isolation have forced many companies to close or move to remote work, others have greatly decreased the flow of customers. However business not only survives, but comes to the rescue of those who are even more difficult: doctors, volunteers, people who lost their jobs
In the capital fined seven people with confirmed coronavirus, violating the isolation. This was announced by the Union of administrative technical inspections of the city. Violators were fined and placed in observation centres
All scheduled inspections at the property and land sector in Moscow postponed until the end of the regime of self-isolation, that is, until 1 may. This was reported in the economic operational headquarters of the capital
Muscovites from 6 April can acquire land for private houses over 40 percent of the cadastral value. Such a rule will allow those who leases land from the city to buy their property at a discounted price
In Moscow three weeks earlier opens a new season on the bike. From 10 April till the end of the month he will be free, but the first time rental will be used only by couriers, and volunteers
Before the police is not to arrest people who violate the regime of self-isolation, said GU MVD in Moscow. At the same time, citizens who violate the requirements of the staff of the CPS, the police will be held accountable
In Moscow 591 confirmed a new case of coronavirus. Among them, 264 people aged 18 to 45 years, 204 people from 46 to 65 years. In the capital by order of the mayor before may 1, declared a state of isolation for all residents
Mode isolation did not stop the Moscow economy. Entrepreneurs seek and find new forms of work, and the city reduces the tax burden, free from rent, and assigns grants
Doctors of the Moscow clinics, which treat patients COVID‑19 got the opportunity of additional medical protection. They can take part in the study of malaria drugs as a preventive measure against coronavirus
The number of people infected with novel coronavirus infection in Russia has increased for the last day on 658 people. Most cases in the capital - 536. During the day, discharged with recovery 22
Moscow is in the highest risk group in connection with the spread of the coronavirus, so the local authorities are taking tough decisions to prevent its spread. This was stated by the mayor Sergei Sobyanin
Warm air brought the anticyclone, which will be over the Central and North-West. But the warming will come gradually. In the beginning of the week will still be pretty cool
Sergei Sobyanin recalled that the enterprises and organizations in respect of which has not been set a ban on their citizens visiting will have to adjust his work. "As soon as the danger disappears, these measures will be abolished," said the mayor
The mayor of Moscow Sergey Sobyanin reminded the public about the amendments to the RF Code of administrative offences, which establishes liability for violation of the regime of high alert
Even in the current difficult situation, all the life support systems of Moscow continue to function as a clock. About how during high alert, the city has retained a high level of comfort, "RG" said Deputy mayor for housing Pyotr Biryukov
Technical infrastructure of the capital is ready to launch a smart system of monitoring compliance with the rules of self-isolation. But, as stated in the government of Moscow, at the moment its implementation is not required
This week Muscovites behave correctly and try to stay home, said the mayor of Moscow Sergey Sobyanin. However, according to him, continue to walk about three million citizens. And that's fine, I'm sure the mayor