Viktor Sukhorukov:

— to Change the schedule, behavior, and life itself can’t change, tells me invisible to Viktor. You know, I suddenly thought: how people behave in the Soviet Union, when Levitan on the radio they announced the beginning of the war in the 41st? What happened in the next 10 days in Moscow, Leningrad, Kiev?

— Why such an analogy?

— Because everything is already forgotten, where the first bell rang and where the alphabet of the epidemic? Like the whole world is concerned, puzzled and infected. And start an Orgy scholars, who each in his own way broadcasts about the virus. After the shaft jokes, cartoons, jokes, fakes. Watching all of this, I thought, I said, “Vitya, stay at home, give money, do so-and-so.” Well, I decided, sit.

And there is a whole army of people who resisted, rude, disrespectful of authority or order that is offered to them. Screaming about crackdown; and that no twisting is salvation, warning. I do not understand?

Because of this in our lives, and there is no law on the coronavirus, and he suddenly came up and said, “I will destroy you, o mankind, I will turn you into slaves, I’ll make you NOTHING.” If I had to play the role of this virus, he had this, you know, graceful in a beautiful dress.

— Think about the role of coronavirus? Already offer?

— No, I don’t argue: if you had to play such a role in a fairy tale for children or adults, as I would have behaved, what would be the biography wrote this virus? The first thing I noticed, is the king of this infection belongs to one person, group of people or the whole world?

the man or the woman?

— he has no gender, no differences, because he loves everyone. It can handle any environment good; but here we come to the main point: what is it and why all the fuss, hysteria, mockery? From ignorance, from the mystery that made the point.

We will say that it is artificially derived or bat fault. Anything you want to say, but this is only speculation.

Here we sit at the cottage with her sister Galina (I left before it all serious, decisive action) and reason: cholera we had had the plague, ulcer, tuberkuleza, civility was… It was forced on people through this crossed with the losses, the victims, the detection of voids when the misfortune took on a sometimes festive look… However all this was pereshagivaete, and again continued life. I continued.

You do not violate the regime, taking advantage of their fame? Don’t go to the shooting?

— I should not obey, I obey my inner voice. I want to remain a Maverick even in this noise. And I will not sit at home in order to someone to please or someone to give in, just want to save myself for my profession, family, for their future. But the isolation is nice there is an opportunity to think and shirt to change the order in the house to clean. I can see it, not fear motivates me.

— what, Viktor?

— I am a fatal man, a fatalist. Here send me to Italy to save people along with the military — I will go.

— strong. I want to understand this brilliant phrase emotional artist or, in fact, if tomorrow you will hear a call from the Ministry of defense and say, “Viktor, please.”

— of Course, will go. But I will ask, what use I can be.

— Say, for example: “Wear protective clothing, will help.”

— I Will help. Another thing, I will condemn a group of people: “Now, flooded, bitch, for the sake of PR in Italy, although we’re under his nose so bad and right hands, needs help, and he got”. But I do not care for such talk, I would go! I’m speaking in General terms because willing to sacrifice themselves for the sake of the people calmed down. Because when calm, the mind clear. It’s not about who’s loud, who’s kidding, who’s crying…

But seriously, you do age belong to a risk group.

— And I’m offended: why am I at risk? You young people balloons sniffs, sits on the drugs, tobacco Smoking of all kinds. It is, therefore, not a risk, and we risk group?

it Turns out that young people are also actively infected and seriously ill.

— And I say no, I’m not at risk, I’m healthy. I am eager to work, eager to live. Where is the risk? Here is the most disgusting lies and nonsense.

What do you mean?

— I see an epidemic reveals other things… Here we read: rich parents are asked to send a private plane sick with a virus child in London. There, you see, Russian oligarchs cut their health insurance; and other masks is not enough, and still others are buying toilet paper… That’s how we are different, and all under the hood of the virus. That will show up: who loves the country, who doesn’t? For whom Russia is “our country”, and for someone — just “this country”.

— could Not agree more.

And this, mind you, happened to us, not today and not because of the coronavirus. Everyone has their own right how to relate to the Motherland, the country, people, but play this right and the attitude of the law is impossible. Yes, many is now revealed: discovered the monstrous stratification of society, living in poverty backwoods hospital with the toilet on the street — how’s that?

One can, others not, some are right, others not. But… this was, is and, unfortunately, so it will be… Sometimes I think: “God, for someone to go, who to believe?” And realize that you’re lonely and have no one to room for oneself, because I don’t agree, and that will not go. And I want to live, to love their country, want to run to the garden to play shows, to smile at people.

I went into the garden and began to clean the earth from last year’s leaves. The wind, birds singing, chirping starlings, magpies build nests. Some kind of grace, and the wind is fresh and the air clean and the earth breathable. And no bad thoughts in my head. And you hard to help herto bowletta, to be cleansed from some of last year’s mud, from this rotten leaf. And from there begin to “light up” the tips of the tulips. And think, all will rise again, will zabugorie, and everything will be fine, but…

That whatever is said, we virus this well-lived. I have a hermit who swear all the time dissatisfied with something. Such people think only of their own and cunning. I listen to about our bad life, but I know that one child is studying in London, others in Paris… And many famous people who do charity work or broadcast on radio, from the TV screen, I own a house or apartment abroad. So I think, why are you complaining about? What don’t you like that? That’s where the virus!

— And you, Viktor, all, so you like him? Are you all happy?

— Not all happy, but listening to such conversations, I conclude: they’re not worried about me, not about my country, not about the greater good. One principle of this talk: why not me why not me why not me? And I see before me is not human, greedy digger: “I… I… I…” This is the virus, and only because people began to think about the welfare, about excess.

— And it seems to me that the greedy pursuit of excess from a long life in poverty is. Or from greed.

— I remember my life: born under Stalin, went to school during the Khrushchev era, the army — under Brezhnev, and studied under him. I do a lot of things lived. But when “the box” tells me about my age, I think: “why are you lying, Yes it was, I remember!”. And when I recall the past, I have no reason to get angry, to fight and even more to envy.

But today the talk about the comparison with the past are not the generation of “zero”. For them, the comfort, the desire for good wages, light and cool life — the norm. And is it true? There are more questions than answers.

— Yes, they have a right to a comfortable, beautiful clothes; they are so accustomed to segodnyashnyher life that for them is the norm. The norm being not so bad. Only you’re not compare their Homeland with foreign territories and Windows and do not shout that you have worse. But when I point the finger: but where they have a pension, but there health, but there… I say, “Go, live, look and get it.” I’m grieving something. I think, against their lives? They are so good live that they themselves do not even imagine.

I Studied in GITIS, happen, go, we, four friends in a cafe “AIST” — there are pancakes with meat, with liver. Somehow the bottle of vodka I bought, poured 50 grams, and suddenly approach the police: “Drink? Go to the office”. Bit Institute we get kicked out! And it was our young happiness — that is not expelled that we have allowed ourselves to still the 50 grams and empanadas!

the epidemic… don’t want to say “punishment from heaven”. No! But this kind of shake-up minds: guys, what are you unhappy? Want experiencing — we let you test will have… so let’s see: who will bring a piece of bread, and who will steal.

you Know, I’m so hard, poor, hard lived half of my life, today my life even the coronavirus will not spoil. I’m ready to go on it with an axe, a pitchfork. And so he said that he was ready to join any of the salvation army.

are You ready to adopt all because the government had provided us a prosperous second half of life?

Nothing she did not provide; I worked hard, sacrificed a lot in my life, some things refused. I facelift, gave myself a major overhaul, both physically and ideologically. But power is power: it’s like a furniture or like music. The power in my life plays no role.

Only you I now understand correctly: I have asked nothing. That stops me from criticism? Comparison with the past, that’s all. And I’m grateful not power, and the fate that today I have an interesting life — a difficult, but interesting. And most importantly, I’m alive and healthy. And the government and this will change. Today criticize president, criticized his entourage, he says, officials oborzeli. I go on public transport, and there I hear: “Putin is good, all others bad”.

— Well, it’s traditionally in Russia: the Tsar is good, the boyars are bad.

when they were good then? Official it is official. And when the official Gogol, and Saltykov-Sedrine. And when they say: “Bitch, what they do, they his salary increased, rowing!” — I think, “I plant you and you will be rowing. You will!”. Here’s the thing.

you do Not believe in our man, Victor Ivanovich.

— And what is unbelief? I believe that if he will be at a certain level of social order and he will say “it’s yours, and that you should be too,” he would not refuse. Epidemic — it’s not Zeus and not God. Is the virus invisible, inaudible. As radiation — such a tiny thing… And that barbed infection… it came and go. Or hide and be waiting in the wings — who knows…

I want the people were people, not to continue artificial trouble. And if only we are not degenerated into self-destructive.

— Here, Viktor, say as a speaker, weight lifting can. These would be the people in power in the Kremlin. There is no way to know the word.

— Because politicized. Not speak, because they have no shape, no quoting. In the end there is live communication with the world. Why their car fails? Because they have no live speech. Living language in the world, and in the world they are not.

that’s what saddens me: the actress died of great beauty, Inna Makarova, took her to the cemetery from the hospital without any solemnity… Died great playwright Leonid Zorin. I want to wait to play in the play “Roman Comedy”, and he came to watch, and a letter I wrote… God, great go, and they would last way paved with flowers.

No, go away quietly, as if the virus guard stands and says: “I will Not give holiday, will not give high tragedy! To sit at home! Be afraid!”. Here it is, the flip side of life.

Pushkin got cholera, and we got a coronavirus. Nothing terrible, just after this followed something larger and more terrible. “A heap it is necessary to keep” — he said once to the writer Vasily Belov. It’s not original, he repeated. Only together can we survive. But saved for what? Not only for the sake of his name, and for man’s sake, for the sake of civilization. And she’s punishing us.

Search for a vaccine, and believe me, it will be found. And if she does, it settles, calms down, and… start again “Buzovsky” time and again begin talking about anything, about anybody, nor about what…

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