the First thing that you notice once on the website, “Online. Bibliovore”, is a large font. He is not deterred. On the contrary, are visible from all categories: electronic resources, book recommendations, online activity and video. To choose from such menu is that. For example, the electronic resources you can access more than twenty various sites and platforms with digitized funds of Russian libraries, artworks, audio books, periodicals and podcasts.

Especially interesting unique collection of Nekrasovsky library. Just imagine digitised Newspapers 1564-2001 years. Should go to the website Electronicresources and eyes run from the abundance of books, magazines and Newspapers in eight languages, including Latin and ancient Greek. We have before us a kind of timeline from the sixteenth to the twenty-first century, where you can find the Tome on architecture in Italian, 1564, get acquainted with Russian pre-revolutionary satirical magazines of the time, to assess “the lay of Igor’s campaign” of 1800 year of publication.

In the electronic resources of “Bibliodrama” is present and “Music archive” – vocal scores of operas by Russian and foreign composers that were published from 1848 to 1896, along with the collections of vocal works, published in the 1960-1980’s. More than a thousand musical works are now open in Moscow sheet music digital library (MENB). Here, “Five piano pieces” by Debussy, and “the seasons” by Tchaikovsky, and concertos by Mozart, and a lot of Bach, Liszt, and Chopin.

Deserves the attention and the collection of the library of St. Petersburg. It presents more than five hundred books about the city on the Neva: from the eighteenth century to the present day. For example, a guide to the Northern capital of 1916, or “the history of the Academy of Arts” in three parts, for the year 1864, and another study on ballet, urban planning and cavalry. At St. Petersburg meeting, of course, many dedicated and Blockade of Leningrad. In particular, open access to many publications that appeared in the years of the Ledthe IR domestic. Among them, the “anti-fascist plays”, pop collection, “Victory is ours” and even “a Brief guide to the ligation of arteries and topographic anatomy”.

However, move on to another section “Bibliograph” and refer to the book recommendations. They are divided into five equally interesting trends: books to read with the whole family, books for immunity, books – winners of literary awards, new children’s literature and a book of teleport. In General, selection for everybody. With the advice of librarians should take. Novels by Nobel laureates Amos oz and Kazuo Ishiguro and talented Russian authors, Alexei Salnikov and Eugenia Nekrasova deserve reading.

However, fascinating stories for family reading on the portal some more. Here, of course, not to mention the book “George and the mysteries of the universe” written by the great Stephen Hawking with his daughter Lucy. It is not mere fiction, but a kind of cognitive work about the cosmic world. Undoubtedly, you should turn to the novel of Grigory Minister, “the Days of Sam”, awarded second prize “Big book”.

two More options “Bibliored” online activity and video recordings provide access to a large number of performances, meetings and concerts held in cultural centers and libraries of Moscow. For example, such plays as “the bride”, “little Red riding Hood” and “All mice love cheese”. Here is an interview with Dmitry Bykov and television Director Alexei Sechenov. Actor Yuri Kolokolnikov reads the story of Turgenev “Bezhin meadow”.

So to quarantine will not get bored. But it is possible to read or reread the classics.