What crimes overwhelm Russia due coronavirus: a spooky forecast expert

– Igor, the crime has already responded to the new situation in the country?

– of Course. Already actively appear and will bloom riotous color different fraud. Primarily those that can be done without leaving the room and having only the phone. Obviously, that earning will be on what is in demand from the population, from medical masks, to food and sports equipment type treadmills.


– Elementary. Created Internet-shop, for example, food, sanitizers or medical masks, with citizens going money online then the business collapses and creates a following. And so on. In addition, the fraudsters will actively offer citizens different ways to improve your financial situation – to give loans, to arrange a credit vacation, etc. Naturally, nothing good for the naive it will not end.

– And domestic violence will be greater? Human rights are already sounding the alarm…

– Yes, domestic violence will become more. Everything is clear: people are together in the four walls, not giving each other the tension builds. In addition, idleness people are beginning to abuse alcohol.

– In the new conditions — when all are sitting at home – what crimes will be less?

– the recession will go traditional street crime. It is no secret that most rapes, robberies, assaults are committed by visitors. Due to quarantine measures, the majority of visitors are forced to return home or hide in their shelters. They’re all afraid to fall into the hands of the police who actively patrol the city.

in addition to decrease the percentage of burglary. Here, too, everything is clear: people stay at home, afraid to even go to the country, believing that at any moment can close the city to stop, fined. Nobody wants trouble, and the burglar too.

– What about car theft — they will less?

– the Percentage of theft can also be reduced. The hijacker because first it is necessary to pass unnoticed through the empty street to come to the car, drive a certain distance… Again — is a good chance that it will stop on the way. Before the hijackers often used the tubes — even at two in the morning it was possible to integrate into the traffic on the ring and go unnoticed. Now the situation has changed radically – cars in the city and there is practically no camera is able to track any car, even the most common brands. So here quarantine measures into the hands of the owners.

– Igor Nikolaevich, it is no secret that many people were left without a livelihood, many were fired or sent on unpaid leave… that somehow can affect the crime situation?

the Chaos that occurred after the collapse of the USSR, began with the same. In the 90s many people lost their jobs, started illegal privatization, the redistribution of property… as a result, we got rampant crime. Today, the damages are the owners of both small and large businesses, the people who suffer who have nothing to pay… It’s all a very bad background and they, of course, can provoke a crime wave.

the Only thing that is comforting in the 90-ies of the people were abandoned to their fate, they have no guarantees and compensations from the state. Today, the state is kind of like trying to protect its citizens… But if the promises remain on paper, the country can begin mass looting, robberies. It is to be expected.

What are the crimes of the ‘ 90s can be revive in the first place?

– In the case of the most unfavourable scenario, people will start to be organized in gangs, which seems as done in his time. In principle, the procurement of these gangs already exist. I mean teenagers from AUE (informal groups of minors who are promoting the concept of thieves, requires compliance with the “Voroswho code,” – “MK”). For some reason they do not take seriously, in the eyes of many it’s just a small gang… But in the blink of an eye they can turn into a gang. For this they need only to arm themselves. When these “children” nothing will be there, they will go to the streets to Rob, to steal, to rape. In other words, financial insecurity can really be a spark and then the flames…

At the same time it should be noted that after the collapse of the Soviet Union gangs were often cobbled together to capture the assets, factories, enterprises. Such serious crimes as robbery and murder occurred with these objectives.

– What are the realities of the ‘ 90s can be expected? Street prostitution?

Prostitution, of course, is not eradicated, but at least drove to the house, sauna, that is removed from the streets. In the case of unfavourable development of the situation of women left without means of livelihood, again take to the streets. There are enterprising business men, who will take them under his wing.

in addition, it is very likely the return of financial pyramids, which once swept the country and reached the state level. The same is MMM drove on TV, and the value of shares reported on the phone. Of course, technology does not stand still and offer their services to the modern pyramid will be different.

So maybe “healers” type with Kashpirovsky Chumak will return?

– When there is no hope for the state, then people can start to believe in Chumak and Kashpirovsky. Remember quite a fresh story of God Kuzya (the founder of a religious sect, became a millionaire, was sentenced in 2018, – MK). He went about his business quite prosperous and well-fed while. However, the people voluntarily brought him their savings. In hard times such Kuzi, believe me, will be a success.

you Know, this scenario seems somehow fantastic. Do you know how much time is needed to start the described processes?

– Enough.Rech months. Through this time most of the population will be over the money, savings. By this time all the stocks will be eaten, what can be sold, sold. If you do nothing, nothing to support the people, then start worrying. They are already there, but it is in the form of light. People are outraged, and there are no police.

– You say there is no police, and where did it go?

– If you now repeat the situation from the past in modern Russia, the police in the composition in which it now is, just can’t handle it. In the 90s it was established that the police unit like SWAT. Not somewhere in Regardie, namely the police, to the organization, which is engaged in street crime. Then was formed the RUBOP (Department of the MIA of Russia, carrying out operatively-search activity from 1993-2001, – MK). Currently, these police units there. Add the shortage. You, for example, take not Moscow, where everything is more-less OK, and a remote Autonomous Okrug, where the shortage reaches almost 70%. If it goes up to protect the population there will be nobody.

– What are the real power remained in the law enforcement system?

– In fact, the work on identification and prevention is not carried out. The investigators more time spent on analysis papers, than on the face. The district also is physically unable to engage in prevention. Instead, he is forced to deal with a grandmother who complained that landed UFOs are not red and green.

the Centers to combat extremism is fighting with the criminals who make reposts. The power division at head office of the interior Ministry provides only physical support. That’s all.