Who should pay for disinfection of entrances during the quarantine

the Correspondent of “RG” checked out how it’s done, what experience have accumulated managers (AMS) and homeowners associations (HOA). Learned about emerging issues. And asked to comment on all of this, the Executive Director of the NP “ZHKH Control” Svetlana Razvorotneva.

the Governor declared a disinfection

In Penza the duty to carry out sanitary treatment of the entrances to stop the spread of coronavirus infection, conferred on UK and TSZH the decision of the Governor.

Photo: Press-service of administration of the city of Saki the inhabitants of the Crimea explained, at whose expense the disinfection of entrances

For residents of this procedure is the additional cost does not provide. The work is carried out in the framework of the tariff for the maintenance and housing maintenance.

Large UK already reported on initiated activities. They purchased tools and equipment, and invited some of specializatio.

But, judging by the correspondence in social networks, so did not all management companies. Penzentsy complain that disinfection is not seen even in the hallways, which are quarantined. And, according to various estimates, from 40 to 60 only in Penza.

Only under the supervision of Penza region there are 4.5 thousand people. Together with them endure the quarantine and neighbors in misfortune. They clock watch patrol at the front door, but the exterminator saw not all. “The whole staircase calls to various authorities about the processing – a complete zero,” complained residents of the nine-storey building. A few days ago from their entrance hospitalized family with positive tests for coronavirus.

a Lot of money do not need

In the Volgograd region also started the sanitation of common areas in apartment buildings.

Here is the courtyard in the Soviet district of Volgograd. “We’ve already processed the entire quartertal. From early morning start. In the hallways Squirting on walls, stairs, handrails, mailboxes – what people commonly touch,” says the plumber Dmitry Timbalist.

Photo: defense Ministry Army strip from COVID-19 road in the South of Russia and the Caucasus

Dmitry and his partner similar to Ghostbusters. Dressed in paper costumes, protects from splashes. Behind the pack with 12 liters of solution, it is a hose with a pipe of the sprinkler. Surface treatment is carried out by means recommended by the CPS.

How it takes money? “I have to manage 56 homes, – said General Director of a management company Andrey Zemtsov. – Acquired basic equipment. Knapsack sprayer is in the range of three thousand rubles. With their help, the eight entrances of the building, two people treated in 15-20 minutes. We have two links. This four pack. Disposable suit – 90 rubles. White worth 22 rubles per liter. One filling is enough for 12 to 16 entrances. The cost is so small that to charge the residents account is not valid”.

playgrounds are closed

the disinfection of playgrounds, the situation is different. In Penza some management companies still treat. But some of the rides just surrounded by a striped ribbon to them and did not come.

MOE is engaged in the disinfection of hospitals and roads

Volgograd entrance often closed. Swings and roundabouts tied red and white ribbons, prohibiting the use of the games equipment. But in any case in some degree.activities designed the yards they are sprayed with disinfecting solution. And some people are stubborn, precautions not everyone accepts, explain to management companies.


to Clarify some details and rules of disinfection of the entrances, “RG” asked the Executive Director of the NP “ZHKH Control”, a member of the Public chamber of the Russian Federation Svetlana Razvorotneva.

Svetlana Viktorovna Penza duty to carry out sanitary treatment of the entrances placed on UK and TSZH the decision of the Governor. The order of the head of the region necessary? Or if the declared high alert – the entrances must disinfect automatically?

Razvorotneva: the Minimum list of services for maintenance of the General property of an apartment house is determined by government decree (No. 290 dated 03.04.2013 years). The list of these works disinfection is missing.

But the Housing code allows the owners at a General meeting to determine an additional list of papers.

What is management companies are not required to conduct disinfection?

Razvorotneva: the situation with the pandemic forced the authorities to act without regard for laws.

Photo: Alexander Korolkov/WG In Moscow held the disinfection of all roads and entrances

3 April, the head of Rospotrebnadzor sent governors a letter with the recommendations. It also includes a recommendation to organize sanitation of common areas in apartment buildings. Following the address of the managers of organizations of regional bodies were sent the Directive. However, in most cases about the financial sources of these activities to report forgotten.

And the tenants have dto pay for disinfection?

Razvorotneva: Without a decision of the General meeting, the management company may not raise tariffs for the maintenance of common property.

As reported by the correspondents of “RG”, for example, in the Penza, Volgograd sanitation are free of charge. Why don’t we all take example from them?

Razvorotneva: of Course, people in the conditions of crisis and falling incomes, the additional payment to offer wrong. But from the budgets of the vast majority of regions, these activities are not funded. Management companies and homeowners ‘ associations (HOA) is proposed to find “internal reserves”.

In a particularly difficult situation was the HOA, which are not commercial entities that do not make profits, and therefore internal financial reserves they have available.

I Understand the concept of “high alert” was not defined in the Russian legislation. This is a first. Accordingly, in many cases it is not clear who and what such a regime requires.

As tenants can force its criminal code to disinfect? How to do it? And if you refuse – where to complain?

Razvorotneva: Decision on carrying out any works aimed at the maintenance of communal property, take owners. Accordingly, in those apartments where citizens live under a social lease contract, the owner is a municipality.

Photo: Sergei Nikolayev/WG St. Petersburg man was fined 15 Grand for a walk in the Playground

For any of the decisions associated with the maintenance of the house, it is necessary to hold a General meeting – full or part-time. And it needs to involve the owners, who collectively own not less than 50 percent of the square metrov of the total area of the rooms in the house. Decisions are taken by simple majority.

If the management company does not comply with the decisions of the owners must apply to the state housing inspection.

in General, what means (what counts bills) can be disinfected?

Razvorotneva: Some managers (with the appropriate decisions of owners, adopted at the General meeting), to create such reserve funds. But it happens very rarely.

usually the estimates for the maintenance of an apartment building the cost of emergency is not provided. At the announcement of state of emergency works are funded from municipal funds provided for such cases. Thus, in the estimates of management companies currently lack the money to carry out the disinfection of entrances.

How often must undergo sanitation of the entrances?

Razvorotneva: the Frequency of performing any of the maintenance of community property is determined by the contract of management made at the General meeting of owners. Accordingly, it is possible to tell with confidence that in the existing contracts management is not only is no mention about the frequency of sanitation of the entrances, but the works themselves.

Okay, then what should be included in this work: just wash floors with spacestorm? Or railings and walls too?

Razvorotneva: Are the most common wishes expressed in the letter of the head of Rospotrebnadzor Anna Popova. Everything else depends on the imagination of officials.

Photo: Alexander tayurskii In Simferopol entrepreneurs free disinfected ambulances<