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In the international discussion club "Valdai" discussed the role and the place that took the events of 1939-1945 in the political, social and cultural life of Russia and many countries from Europe to Asia
The who announced that it will convene an emergency Committee on Ebola, in connection with the situation in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Almost two months in the country, there has been no new case of the disease, but in recent days they found three
The Austrian authorities have decided to open thousands of small stores, to weaken the previously imposed restrictive measures. Tuesday is allowed to open retail outlets with an area less than 400 square meters, as well as home improvement stores and garden centers
Three weeks have passed since the time when Boris Johnson has imposed a state of emergency. For non-Brits threatened with fines. Very soon, the penalties really have to pay - not pounds and thousands of deaths
Possible outbreak of coronavirus infection in the Eastern Bank of the Euphrates threatens to become a humanitarian catastrophe. And the presence there of overcrowded prisons for militants has further complicated the situation. Realizing the danger, the US sent the Syrian opposition unusual "humanitarian aid"
The interior Minister of Turkey was heavily criticized after the announcement of the introduction of a curfew. It has announced a two-day ban on leaving the house in order to combat coronavirus resulted in the fact that people EN masse went to even a shop to have time to buy
The death toll from the coronavirus in Italy is rapidly approaching 20 thousand people. Amid the spread of the pandemic in the Apennines started to resort to online funeral. During the broadcast, anyone can Express condolences to the relatives of the deceased
The President of France Emmanuel macron has extended a quarantine in the country until may 11. The head of state said in a televised address to the nation. "Waiver of restrictions will be possible only if all the French would responsibly follow the rules," he said
The President of France Emmanuel macron, extended the restrictive measures imposed on the country due to the pandemic coronavirus, until may 11. He stressed that the state border will remain closed for all "non-European countries"
The radiation background in the area of the fires near Chernobyl nuclear power plant (ChNPP) is the norm, according to the website of the state service of Ukraine for emergency situations. According to authorities, the radiation level has not changed in Kiev and the region it is also within the normal range.
Europe complained about the quality of Chinese medical products. China was forced to strengthen inspections of each batch, which increased delivery time
Prime Minister Boris Johnson after discharge from the hospital passed the new test for the coronavirus, he gave a negative result. However to work he will return only after receiving permission from the doctors
In Sweden the number of infected by the coronavirus, has exceeded 10 thousand people, the deaths of almost 900. However, the authorities refuse to impose strict measures, believing that the recommendations enough. "RG" talked with residents to learn their opinions on this approach
Prime Minister Boris Johnson, was discharged Sunday from the hospital, was on the verge of death, but doctors managed to save his life. This was told the head of the government of the United Kingdom in the video
A new wave of the epidemic of the coronavirus will cover the world in November, however, will cause much less harm. This opinion was expressed by the head of the anti-COVID-19 in Shanghai Zhang Wenchun
Until April 16, will be organized three export flight from Bangkok. On Tuesday, the Russians stuck because of the restrictions in Thailand, will be able to go Novosibirsk and Irkutsk, on Thursday in Ufa and Kazan on the same flight
One in six people infected COVID-19 in Kyrgyzstan has been recovered. Such data results the Ministry of health of the Republic. Just at the moment in Kyrgyzstan recorded 419 cases of infection with coronavirus
The President of the Czech Republic strongly condemned the actions of the persons involved in the demolition of the monument to Marshal Konev in Prague. He called the war against monuments "stupidity", and also reminded of the undoubted achievements of the Soviet commander during the Second world war
Catholic Easter in Italy this year takes place in conditions of isolation. Review the usual way of life had everyone from average citizens to the leadership of the country, from simple priests and the Pope
Prime Minister Boris Johnson officially discharged from the hospital, where he stayed almost a week. However, the policy until able to return to work, as it awaits the recovery period
At Easter the churches in the Czech Republic is usually filled with parishioners. However, on 12 April, the day of Easter Sunday, this tradition, perhaps for the first time in the last hundred years have been violated. Read more about this in the material of the correspondent "RG" in the Czech Republic
The life of the founder of the portal WikiLeaks Julian Assange is under threat - outbreak of coronavirus identified in a London prison Belmarsh, where he held for a year in anticipation of the start of extradition hearings. This was reported by the newspaper The Guardian.
The island of Freedom in the era of pandemic COVID-19 regularly sends medical teams to help the different countries, that becomes the target of attacks from the United States. What lies behind the accusations of the Americans - in the reporting of the correspondent "RG"
Sophia Loren voiced a movie in which very emotionally thanked Italy and the Italians, who have shown unprecedented unity in an emergency. Within one minute the actress and the living symbol of Italy expresses its gratitude to all, who every day continues to work
In Kyrgyzstan, continue to record the distribution of cases COVID-19 among health care workers. In recent days identified 12 physicians infected with a dangerous infection
Mexico is ready to cut oil production at 100 thousand barrels per day under OPEC deals+ in the next two months. Thus, according to the Minister of energy of the country Rocio Nala, the production volume will reach 1,681 million barrels per day
The defense Ministry and the Czech foreign Ministry has virtually rejected the request of Sergey Shoigu to send Russia to dismantle the monument to Marshal Konev, saying that it is not within the purview of their departments. The story led to protests in the Czech society. Details - in the material "RG"
Russian military doctors and specialists among NBC units were delivered to the Republika Srpska to assist in the fight against COVID-19. It was marked by words of gratitude from Nenad Stefanich, Deputy of the parliamentary Assembly of Bosnia and Herzegovina
In Germany, France, Spain and Italy there is a positive dynamics in the fight against the coronavirus that inspires cautious optimism. The reverse pattern is observed in Africa, where for the poorest countries
The number of deaths as a result of infection with the novel coronavirus in the world exceeded 100 thousand, reported in the Johns Hopkins University. The leading countries are Italy, USA and Spain
The Prime Minister of Italy, Giuseppe Conte, said the extension of quarantine coronavirus until may 3. In this April 14 will be opened bookstores, stores for children and newborns
Russia will continue to defend the legitimate right to Aleksandrovskoe farmstead, which was in January given to the Russian side. This was stated in the Russian Embassy in Israel, commenting on the situation around the archaeological complex scandalous situation
The health of Boris Johnson's stabilized, but experts warn against excessive optimism: the Prime Minister could take months before he will fully restore your health
The German authorities think about the weakening of quarantine measures to stop the spread of the coronavirus. How long can withdrawal in Germany and what life will be after graduation, "RG" said the German political scientist Alexander Rahr
The pandemic caused by COVID-19, was another evidence of the negative impact of the major limitations imposed on Cuba economic, commercial and financial blockade of the United States. The country has no access to foreign resources and technologies needed to combat coronavirus
16 hours of talks members of the Eurogroup failed parties are unable to agree on a plan to rescue economies from the effects of the epidemic of the coronavirus. According to experts, on 9 April, the negotiations will not be easy - too great a divide between North and South EU
The Swedish government decided not to impose tough measures to combat the coronavirus, the only limitation was the reduction in the number of participants of public events. However, experts believe that this liberal approach has proved to be ineffective
The condition of the hospitalized with coronavirus Prime Minister Boris Johnson remains stable, it does not have pneumonia and he retains the spirit of cheerfulness
Donald trump signed the Executive decree giving the U.S. the right to resource extraction in space. Roskosmos has said that the "aggressive plans for the actual seizure of territories of other planets hardly set the country on a fruitful cooperation"
Pandemic coronavirus has not left indifferent any country of the world. "RG" learned how to live it and how to deal with it France, Italy, Greece, UK, Germany and Israel
Chinese authorities have lifted restrictions on travel from Wuhan, who previously became the first epidemic outbreak of a new type of coronavirus. Residents will be able to leave provided that they are healthy and pose no threat to other citizens of the PRC
Italian doctor Massimo Portacci working on the ambulance in the main hospital of Novara, in an interview "RG" told how the outbreak started in the fashion industry, who often gets sick, and is there light at the end of the tunnel. "We work without breaks and rest for 40 days," he said
The French authorities have tightened the rules of isolation in Paris. Now the residents of the capital are forbidden to play sports on the street from 10:00 to 19:00. These measures were taken after the government noticed that in the daytime the streets are full of people practicing sports in the fresh air
Prime Minister Shinzo Abe announced the introduction of emergency in seven regions of the country. The new measures will come into force on 8 April and will be in effect during the month. They do not imply the freezing of cities and territories
The Spanish authorities refused to hold the traditional military parade on the occasion of Armed forces Day, which is celebrated on may 30. This year it was held in Huesca, in the presence of the king and Queen
The prevalence of coronavirus as the UK premiere of Boris Johnson has sharply deteriorated. He was hospitalized and then transferred to the intensive care unit and intensive care
Burning forest on the border of the exclusion zone of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant in the Kiev and Zhitomir regions, which is visible even from space, caused serious concern to environmentalists. Background radiation over the burnt areas exceeds the norm several times
Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said that he would introduce a state of emergency in Tokyo, Osaka and five other prefectures to prevent the spread of coronavirus. While it is expected that the special situation will last for a month
Boris Johnson, infected with the coronavirus, spent the night in the hospital on St. Thomas. Ten days of treatment have not yet led to improvement in his health, so began to appear the rumors that the Prime Minister is ill more serious than reported
Deputy Prime Minister of Poland Yaroslav Gowing resigned because of conflict over date of presidential elections. In his opinion, in the current situation, when the whole world is opposed to the coronavirus, it is impossible to hold a popular vote

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