Who convenes emergency Committee of the Ebola outbreak

Nearly two months in this country, there has been no new case of the deadly disease, but in recent days they found three. According to the official representative of the who, Margaret Harris, two people died, one is alive. Interestingly, the who is planned on April 13 to declare end of Ebola epidemic, but new cases have confused the plans.

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a Meeting of the emergency Committee will be held on April 14. It should be decided whether to renew in the DRC, a state of emergency.

the Ebola Epidemic in the DRC started in July-August of 2018, mainly in remote Eastern provinces of Ituri and North Kivu. As a result of the disease died 2 227 people. This is the second the Ebola epidemic over the past decade – the first was in West Africa in the years 2013-16, the result died on 11 323 people, and it only confirmed cases, however, experts who believe that the reality of deaths was almost twice that.

As explained by Margaret Harris, the probability of new outbreaks is very high due to the fact that it is impossible to control all the territory in addition, the virus may survive in used needles, syringes and vials for several weeks, and in the fluids of the body had been ill several months. And finally, the Ebola virus is maintained in natural reservoirs in animals (gorillas, chimpanzees, bats, forest antelope, porcupine, crested antelopes of Duiker).

Photo: Igor Zarembo/RIA News who: While there is no data about the effectiveness of BCG vaccination against coronavirus

In the current outbreak of the disease in the affected regions, was established 11 centers to combat Ebola surveyed about 160 million people vaccinated 300 thousand people. The work of physicians in the DRC is complicated by frequent attacks by local armed radical groups, who believe that “people in white coats” came to kill the local population with the help of injections. 2018 was committed 420 of attacks on health centres, suffered 11 physicians.