The experts discussed the public perception of the event 75-year-old

According to participating in the forum “Valdai” assistant to the President of the Russian Federation and the Chairman of the Russian military historical society (RVIA), Vladimir Medinsky, the relevance of the topic of the Second world war in the current realities due to the foundations of the modern system of international relations, founded on the decisions of the Yalta, Potsdam, part of the San Francisca conferences, as well as during the “great” of the Nuremberg trials. “Was laid down the correct legal and moral foundations in the Foundation of the existing world order. For this we should thank the victorious powers, who created the design of the UN and all the machinery for the peaceful settlement of disputes,” said Medina.

as for the attempts of some countries to question the results of the worst military conflict of the XX century, and it can cause an “explosion in the Foundation” of the whole system of present international relations, the Chairman of the RVIA. In this context, Medinsky mentioned last year’s controversial resolution by the European Parliament about the actual recognition of equal responsibility for the outbreak of the Second world war, Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union. In addition, according to the assistant to the President of the Russian Federation, given in the execution of the decision of the municipality of Prague on the demolition of the monument to Soviet Marshal Ivan Konev was “a personal insult to the people of Russia”. After all, Konev, who gave 75 years ago ordered not to use heavy artillery in the assault of the Czech capital, Prague owes the preservation of its historical part, recalled Medina.

“the liberation of Europe from Nazism, Soviet military leaders thought in order to preserve the culture and the city”, has confirmed the daughter of the Soviet Marshal and President of the Foundation for the memory of generals Victory Natalia Konev. According to her, the younger generation should know the truth about the events of 75 years ago and starting from the tragedy “choose the path of creation and collaboration”.

Photo: AP Photo the state Duma has determined the new date of the end of world war II

the Practical result of the Second world war on the European continent was the construction of a United Europe, said in the meeting “Valdai discussion” the Ambassador of Germany in Russia géza Andreas von Geir. The German diplomat said: “it is the unique Foundation of the memories of the war made possible the success of the integration of a United Europe”. Another reason for this is that Germany has found the strength “to honestly and openly look into your past, because we have become a key cause of the most terrible of all wars and the Holocaust,” said Von Geir.

another of the former power of the “axis” – Japan today also accepted responsibility for the tragedy of war and caused by peoples suffering. This was during the exchange of views at the site of the “Valdai” said the former Prime Minister of Japan Yukio Hatoyama. His fellow – Professor of the Japanese University Hosei Nobuo Shimotomai noted that the end of the Second world war, along with the Americans bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, contributed to the relocation of 2 million soldiers of the red army under Marshal Vasilevsky in the far East, which “changed everything”.

Polish Director Krzysztof Zanussi and his Russian counterpart Alexander Kott expressed their views on the current processes of “visualizing history.” So, Zanussi believes that the war has become a “laboratory of human experience” and that is why its ideological images and designs still continue to appeal to modern mass culture. And the rector of the Russian University of theatre arts Grigory Zaslavsky noted the importance of collective historical memory about the Second world war.

Question from the “Russian newspaper”

We see the purposeful efforts of some countries to distort the history of world war II, to promote modern public discourse and the “big politics” historic fakes. For example, on equal responsibleness of the Soviet Union and Nazi Germany for the outbreak of war. Moscow has responded to such attempts by introducing into the scientific circulation the new archival sources. Will the sequential opening of archives previously unavailable to the General public, facilitate the resolution of disputes and controversy about the events of 1939-1945?

Vladimir Medinsky, the Russian presidential aide, Chairman of RVIA:

Photo: TASS the defense Ministry has declassified documents about the liberation of the Austrian capital

the Archives are open constantly. Only the day before yesterday was published a large archive of materials about the liberation of the Nazi concentration camps (11 April RVIA has published the documents of the Central archive of the defense Ministry – approx. “RG”). The only question is the technical part of declassification of a large amount of materials and there is no politics here. All interested historians, researchers, and professionals can obtain relevant accreditation to work in Russian archives.

Today, historians and history buffs studying in every way and trying to rethink the actions of the different countries in the eve of the Second world war. To understand the degree of their guilt, what were the motives of different States, if they could avoid this terrible outcome. This is probably correct, as well as the publication of new materials as they are discovered.


Vladimir Medinsky sent to the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation the list of persons responsible for the demolition in Prague, a monument to Soviet Marshal Ivan Konev. “This whole list out in full force I be referred to the Investigating Committee that initiated the case was not abstract, but tied to specific names of the villains that belong to our common history and shared memory” – quoted Medina on the official website RVIA. Eif the result of the investigation will show personal blame people who voted for the demolition of the monument, who organized the dismantling, who boast of it publicly, then, Russia should pursue these people to the fullest extent of Russian law, said the Chairman of the Russian military historical society.