Macron extended the quarantine in France until may 11

In his words, cited by Le Monde, the country is “living in difficult times,” there is a war against coronavirus. In the first row in this battle are the doctors, nurses, pharmacists, firefighters, those who save lives. In the second row – farmers, teachers, truck drivers, salespeople, cleaners, civil servants, journalists, social workers, elected officials. In the third – all the rest of the French, observing the regime of self-isolation. Thanks to the common efforts, the epidemic began to slow down, said macron.

Photo: Reuters In France the worst offenders of the quarantine face fines of over 3 million euros

“we must Therefore continue our efforts and to continue to apply restrictions. The more you observe, the more lives will be saved. That’s why the quarantine should be extended. Until Monday may 11,” said the French President. According to him, “this will help even more to slow the spread of the virus”. “Waiver of restrictions will be possible only if all the French would responsibly follow the rules,” stressed macron.

According to him, the restrictions have proved their effectiveness, they do not need either to strengthen or to soften. Must continue to use protection when going outside, keep your distance, wash your hands.

the President stressed several times that the house needs to be the most vulnerable to coronavirus people: elderly, disabled, suffering chronic diseases.

If everyone will follow these rules, then, according to Macron, from may 11 will gradually open kindergartens, schools, colleges. However, classes will resume until the summer.

While remain closed restaurants, cafes, hotels, cinemas, theatres, concert halls and museums. The first mass events may be held no earlier than mid-July, said macron.