The Austrian authorities will open thousands of small stores amid lockdown

Large stores, shopping malls and hair salons should be open in the country since the first of may, while restaurants and hotels only from the middle of may, and only if, the pandemic will go on a sharp decline. The strict rules of social distancing remain in effect, and citizens are urged to stay home.

Photo: Reuters Alexander Rahr: Why Germany is thinking about weakening of quarantine

Austria was one of the first European countries, which after neighbouring Italy has implemented strict measures to isolate about a month ago, says the BBC. As a result, the authorities managed to minimize the pandemic outbreak. As of Monday in Austria was about 14 thousand cases of infection with coronavirus and 368 deaths.

Some other European countries also weaken the restrictions imposed due to the coronavirus. So, the Spanish authorities have allowed some citizens back to work, and Denmark opens school for young children. Italy – the most affected country in Europe with more than 20 thousand deaths – will on Tuesday to a narrow circle of firms to resume work. However, the President of France Emmanuel macron has extended the exclusion of citizens of another four weeks until may 11. In a televised address, he said that the current restrictions have slowed the spread of the virus, but did not win it. For his part, Director General of the world health organization Tedros Adhanom Hebrews warned that a too rapid easing of restrictive measures “could lead to the resurgence of the deadly virus.”