Gnecchi was born may 3, 1912 in the town Satsky plant near Minsk. On one of interrogations it turns out that the father of Anton Pavlovich, a native of the Western Belarus, the Soviet regime was critical, and even tried to take Polish citizenship. On Altai the family moved in the early twenties, when Belarus was hunger. Incidentally, the name of the parents – Gnecco. In 1931, for admission to the cooperative College in Udmurtia, the son corrected the name of – practice for the pores are not isolated. On interrogation the accused claimed that help with a name like that he was wrongly discharged in Soltonskiy area, and he did not attach any importance to this and I received my passport with a new name.

the beginning of the war Anton Gnecchi was married to Alexandra Kalognomos, had a high school education and a criminal record – in 1938, received a year of imprisonment under article 120 of the RSFSR criminal code (forgery monetary instrument). He was mobilised in July 1942. Gnecchi were trained in military camps of Barnaul. One of his colleagues at the 74th infantry brigade of the Stalin Solomon Spivak called from Barnaul, told during interrogation that Greckich are constantly complaining about different diseases and “showed himself as a whiner who does not want to go to the front and defend the Motherland.” In early October, the brigade was redeployed to the front. Gnecchi went to the Germans at the end of the same month.

during interrogations, he had changed his story about the desertion. First claimed to have been captured. The company commander allegedly sent him to the kitchen for food, and Gnecchi on the way back decided to collect the berries, left the location and did not notice the appearance of a soldier in a red army uniform: “by Force of arms he ordered me to go forward, I obeyed and were taken to the German troops.” The average Gnecchi had a loaded rifle. On the investigator’s question why he did not resist, and said that the rifle was behind, “I was afraid of being killed”. But then admitted that the Germans have moved voluntarily: “After years in prison I felt that I was treated unfairly and held a grudge against the Soviet regime. Got to the front, I decided to go on the side of the Germans.” At the headquarters of the German troops, captured a sapper told about the location of firing points, called the names of their officers. Solomon Spivak remembered that soon after the desertion Gnecchi positions of our units plowed by German artillery and aircraft, had big losses.

Greckich deserted on the cold head: once in the Borisov camp for defectors, he said he was Claudius Chumak (was afraid that the Soviet authorities punish his family). In March 1943, “Chumak” agreed to cooperate with German military intelligence. Traitor enrolled in Borisov reconnaissance and sabotage school established by the Abwehr in 1941 in occupied Belarus. So Anton Gnecchi again withmenu name, returned to their homeland.

In some research documents Borisov intelligence school called “Saturn” – this was call sign of the radio station abverkomandy-103. In a well-known Soviet movie-goers the movie “the Way in “Saturn” shows how the Soviet scout introduced in this structure. Anton Greckich to receive training in the group of scouts. Studied the topography, the organization of reconnaissance in the enemy rear, rules for the use of parachute equipment and weapons of the red Army. Gnecchi was in good standing with the Nazis: he was promoted to assistant foreman of the school and time to time he gave lessons on the topography.

on the night of 18 August and his radio operator Smirnov (real name – Vasily Orlov) dropped by parachute in the rear of our troops in Orel. Before sending Gnecchi received a captain’s uniform of the Soviet Army, the necessary documents and 50 thousand rubles. Lieutenant Smirnov in addition issued a walkie-talkie. After landing and meeting in the station area the Upper radio operator, who was younger Gnecchi for a dozen years, offered to surrender. Gnecchi had hoped to get to the Altai mountains and hide there until the war ended. Then partner suggested to disperse and promised not to give Gnecchi interrogations. Gnecchi nodded, offered to relax and freshen up. When sparks fall on the ground, shot him in the head. Then took off the dead man’s watch and a medal, took the money and documents covered by the overcoat and went to the side of the train station. The corpse Smirnova discovers 19 Aug. Meanwhile, the pseudo-captain, wrote in a blank travel regulations destination “Biysk”, were on the train.

Gnecchi was the scent of the creatures, which first runs from the sinking ship. The red Army in a critical situation – we need to blame the Nazis. There was a turning point in the battle of Kursk – it is time to tick back and hide in the furthest hole.

First, the fugitive reached Moscow. The military commander of the North station reacted with disbelief to the presented travel order. But Gnecchi still persuaded to help him with the ticket – has helped the appearance of the positive character of the era and skills of the graduate of the Abwehr intelligence school. In the way of Gnecchi several times checked documents, One of the controllers generally felt that the paper decorated wrong, but yesterday the saboteur was able to get out. The September night he knocked at the parental home. According to the traitor, he told it like it is father, mother, wife and sister. Convinced that look for it no one will. The calculation of the blood were met, it was not given. “I wanted to hide until the end of the war, and then using existing fictitious documents to settle on a residence in the Altai region,” admitted on interrogation Greckich.

at First he assumed otsuzhivalis�� in the forest, but there was a severe winter. From prying eyes and HOMESTEAD rounds, had to hide in the attic. Then my father made the box: length – 113 cm, height and width – 50 cm Son was crouched in a knot, removing the neck, difficulty breathing, chest but the reviewer wasn’t paying attention. However, the family did not know that counterintelligence officers received operational information that are already on the trail Greckich.

– the state security Officer Alexander Shevelev suggested that the traitor will pull home, – tells the employee a press-services regional UFSB Alexander Askook. – While Gnecchi traveled to the Salton sea, his relatives were under the control of the NKVD. In October of sources began to receive information about changes in the parental home. Homemade steel lock day door, the neighbors were discovered immediately and were eager to get rid of them. Increased the volume of purchased products, wash clothes began to hang out at night. All this gave grounds to assume that the “prodigal son” returned. 31 January 1944 Shevelev with the help of the police under the pretext household round hit the house. Examined every corner and nook – Gnecchi nowhere to be found. And then the officer saw a large chest.

Under the hand of the traitor lay the gun from which it shot the radio operator. But Gnecchi did not use it – or confused, or out of habit chickened out.

the Detainee was interrogated in the special section of the NKVD of the Siberian military district. Investigation charges A. Gnecchi crimes under article 58-1 “b” of the criminal code of the RSFSR, was completed may 31, 1944. In General everything was okay with the traitor. However, on 5 June, the decision was made escorting Gnecchi in Lefortovo prison of Moscow at the disposal of the GUKR NKO “SMERSH”. Smershevtsev interested in anything Gnecchi knew about Borisov intelligence and its graduates.

on 5 August 1944 a Special meeting of the NKVD sentenced Anton Greckich to 25 years in labor camps. His wife Alexandra Kalyuzhnova for aiding the traitor got 10 years in the camps. This could put an end. But something prompted us to Alexandra Askook to learn about the fate of the convict. What we found out, still do not give rest.

Greckich refers to all sorts of ailments in the Barnaul military camps, disappeared in the prison. He waited until the Amnesty of 1955, when the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR by decree on 17 September released Bandera, Vlasov and other citizens who collaborated on the invaders during the great Patriotic war.

upon his release, along with Greckich who have served their term wife, an accountant by profession, settled in Turochak is 110 km on the highway from the Salton sea. In February 1956 he wrote a statement to the military Prosecutor of the Siberian military District with the request to return personal papers: witnessesgovernment about the termination of Sverdlovsk College of construction, employment records and his wife. In Turochak amnestied reached the position of chief engineer of stroyuchastok the local timber industry. A pensioner died Gnecchi in July 1973. Reason: “atherosclerotic cardiosclerosis”, one of the varieties of coronary heart disease. You could say, died of old age. It is unlikely the former agent of the Abwehr intelligence school gnawing conscience. Rather, it could torment his radio operator, ugovarivali partner to surrender.

help “RG”

the war of Soltonskiy district was intended 9452 soldiers and officers, of which 3928 people did not return from the battlefields. Five solonchev became heroes of the Soviet Union, and one full cavalier of the order of Glory.