Retired from the state of new Jersey, flying from San Juan to Houston United Airlines, I was horrified because of the touristy plane during a pandemic coronavirus. She shared the picture and details of the flight with the publication of the New York Post.

the photos made by the 76-year-old American Mary Pearson (Mary Pearson), sealed cabin of an aircraft, where every seat is occupied by passengers. The assurances of an elderly traveler sitting next to her companion didn’t even wear a mask during the flight.

“It’s really scary. I really didn’t want to sit in this plane, because my husband and I are not young, we are 76 and 83,” said the pensioner.

After the trip she wrote to the airline to comment on the incident, but received no response. As notes the edition, on the carrier’s website stated that they cannot guarantee compliance with the rules of estrangement against the background of the pandemic coronavirus due to record-low profit.

Earlier in may, an American doctor who flying from new York to San Francisco in the company of colleagues, also marveled at the crowded passenger plane of airline United Airlines. Cardiologist Ethan Weiss (Ethan Weiss) said that each seat in the cabin was occupied by tourists and that he still wants to get back in the plane.