mostly soldiers working in the position of laborers. Help to put up metal structures and fencing, poured asphalt, remove trash, – said the commander of the headquarters of the student construction team of the Omsk region Vladislav Voronov. – When working, not only with great responsibility but also a pleasure. Become a member important for the region construction in the difficult conditions of the pandemic is well worth it. Something to tell future generations.

He ravens, by the way, in his time participated in the construction of the building of the General staff of the defense Ministry in Moscow. So the quality of work assess can professionally.

– To create a multifunctional object designed for one hundred beds, it uses a modular design. The technology is tried and proven. Ground object has a solid Foundation. High ceilings, spacious chambers, wide corridor. Designed safe system of hospitalization of those infected. Everything is simple, reliable, high quality, durable, – said the commander of the headquarters of student brigades.

Construction planning to finish it in a week. According to experts, all work is carried out in accordance with the recommendations of the epidemiology and prevention of infection coronavirus infection.