TV Presenter Ksenia Sobchak had his girlfriend, ex-wife of film Director Fyodor Bondarchuk Svetlana. During the filming of the release of its youtube program Sobchak came to visit the chief editor of a secular newspaper and during the tour at the home of a friend noticed her coat. That turned out to be artificial.

“I Want to tell you that this is somewhere we go? – surprised Sobchak. – Here in this Cheburashka?”

Bondarchuk calmly reacted to friendly attack and explained that happy with my wardrobe. According to her, she loves that “Cheburashka” and enjoy wearing on occasion. Bondarchuk also said that he is quite a wealthy woman, because the choice of new clothes for the wardrobe can afford to build it on their desires.

Previously Sobchak almost quarreled with Bondarchuk after a careless post on social networks. The media personality has published an angry rebuke from the lady bloggers who love to publish your candid photos of varying degrees of nudity. By itself, a naked body is nothing to fear, let it be understood Sobchak, who in his youth also loved to pose for Nudes. But when such deals with a grown woman, it is indecent, said Sobchak. She asked followers to “shoot” her if after 40 it begins to spread naked pictures.

Bondarchuk took it as a reproach, including in his address. Former model was able after 50 years to maintain a slim figure, which she is not shy to show in the photo. She said Sobchak, asking not to turn into a Granny-gossip girl, otherwise “going to need more bullets.”

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