Famous Russian theater and film actress Kristina Asmus in conversation with Cupcini live on Instagram revealed the details of her life with her husband, comedian and showman Garik Kharlamov.

32-year-old celebrity admitted that the period of self-isolation associated with the pandemic COVID-19, helped them make an important step — they moved to a country house, although this move was constantly postponed. “Over repair years. We finally moved about a month ago. In this respect, isolation was a benefit — we don’t live in the boxes we had time to gather them safely, and understand”, – said the actress.

According to Asmus, the four-storey house is quite modest, with a simple wooden staircase, and even there is no lift. Though it is located close to the famous Rublevka. Zipkin joked that it was worth the actress to appear in one revealing scene, she immediately earned to your house. In turn, Asmus hastened to dispel his idea of the fees of the representatives of the acting profession. “Do you think this house I earned? We have a family budget are distributed as follows: all that earns Garik, it is common, and all that I earn, it’s mine,” said the star of the film ‘ Text.’

Despite the fact that isolation during dissemination of coronavirus infections of a new type makes people else to get used to each other and often changes their relationship, Cristina came to the conclusion that in her family life, little has changed. Seeing her 39-year-old lover, she very often, however, their meetings are quite amusing. “We have little overlap. We see each other only at night at the fridge” — ironically said Asmus.

In a conversation with the artist zipkin noticed that lately watching her just in shot and pregnant, but it’s just photos with old shots.

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