Hudojestvenny Director of Theatre of satire Alexander Shirvindt considers the blame for the accident with the actor Mikhail Yefremov, in which a man died, is all friends and colleagues of the artist. According to Shakespeare, they should at least to do something to prevent what happened.

Shirvindt noted that for all his acting talent and wonderful character Efremov suffered from alcoholism, which, in combination with the “wild” temperament, inherited from his father, and eventually led to tragic consequences.

“Everyone gasped, shouted: “shame on you!” But nothing still globally sharp did not do” – quoted by Shakespeare, RIA “Novosti”.

it is Worth noting that Shirvindt was acquainted with his father, Mikhail Efremov, people’s artist of the USSR Oleg Yefremov, who was also known for his temper and was a great lover of alcohol. In his memoirs, he recalled the night the calls out of the theater “Contemporary” with a request to come and calm the raging actor. According to him, being a drunk actor sometimes beat a parked car with his foot, including his own. Sometimes, he also sat behind the wheel drunk. Calm it could only itself Shirvindt.

the accident with the participation of Michael Ephraim occurred on the evening of 8 June on the Garden ring in Moscow. The actor in the jeep Grand Cherokee drove into the oncoming lane and crashed with the van, at the wheel which sat a 57-year-old courier Sergey Zakharov. The next morning the man died from his injuries. Ephraim medical examination revealed the presence in his blood of 2.1 ppm of alcohol, which corresponds to drinking a bottle of vodka.

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