In Saint-Petersburg passed the solemn mourning ceremony of laying flowers to the monuments of soldiers who died defending the Motherland during the great Patriotic war and the citizens of Leningrad who perished during the blockade.

the memorial at Piskarevsky flowers laid by the Governor of Petersburg Alexander Beglov. Addressing the veterans, he said,

– 79 years ago trouble came to every home, every family. 22 Jun forever became for our people the Day of memory and grief. Invaders worked all over enslaved Europe. The courage of our fathers and grandfathers on the battlefields, the courage of fighters of the guerrilla units, the dedication of homefront workers foiled the plans of the enemy. Victory was achieved at the cost of serious suffering and huge losses. Today we remember the millions of our fellow citizens who did not return from the war. Fallen in battle, killed in the bombing and shelling, died of wounds, died of hunger and cold, tortured to death in Nazi concentration camps. Sample hardness and unparalleled heroism in the harsh war time was unconquered Leningrad.

on the same day, the solemn mourning ceremony took place in many places in the city. On Nevsky prospect, the young residents of St. Petersburg held a poetry marathon “1418 lines”, devoted to Day of memory and grief

Become already traditional action “Candle of memory” was held in the night from 21 to 22 June. The volunteers Winning the memorial Korchmino lit thousands of candles in memory of those whose lives were taken in WWII. This year the event was held in a new format: the volunteers and participants made 10 thousand candles “Fire picture”. For St. Petersburg it’s not just murals, candles have reproduced the poster of the internationally acclaimed film “once upon a time there was a girl” directed by Viktor Eisymont about life in the Besieged city. In the film, shot in January 1943, immediately after breaking the siege ring, no decorations: the shooting took place in the historical center, in those periods when there were no raids.

And at the theater named Komissarzhevskaya – the Siege of the theatre created 18 Oct 1942 – 22 June will be held online concerts on the theatre’s website and in the group in social networks will be a screening of films about the history of theatre as well as a stream of memories of the artists.