the 60-th international animation film festival in Annecy France, quoted in the world of animation as Cannes film festival, was first held in an online format. In his feature film competition consisted of two works from Russia: “Spark-the steel” Constantine shekina and “Nose, or Conspiracy “such” our classics of Andrey Khrzhanovsky, who received the main award.

it is a Pity that Andrey was not able to personally visit reminiscent of the fabulous scenery, Annecy is a kind of small French Venice with its many canals, and communicate with colleagues. The world premiere of his movie took place slightly earlier, in late January at the Rotterdam film festival – one of the last conducted not in virtual space and in real life. But the picture could not have participated in the contest, focused exclusively on your openings. Andrei Khrzhanovsky had a choice. He could wait for the other world film festivals, to participate in the competition, but well, that did not do it, not refused to travel to Rotterdam, after which the pandemic permanently paralyzed festival life.

“the Nose, or Conspiracy “such” is based on the script by Yuri Arabov, and the film has a forty year history and arose during the life of the composer Dmitri Shostakovich, author of the Opera “the Nose”, written on motives of the novel by Gogol. Many years Hrzhanovsky fighting censorship, then sought funds for the creation of the painting, probably the main in his life. And we have to thank his son and the Director Ilya Khrzhanovsky who supported the father. Otherwise the Prime Minister would not have taken place. The film is made at the crossroads of animation and documentary, it uses newsreel of the 1930s. the Heroes of three dreams were not only major Kovalev, who lost her nose, and the nose walking around in uniform, giving an interview to TV channels, but also Gogol, Shostakovich, Stalin, Meyerhold, Bulgakov, modern nomenclature, the Director flying the plane in the company Rimas Tuminas, Chulpan Khamatova and Anatoly Vasiliev. Time became a comprehensive.

the story of the creation of this painting was for Andrei Khrzhanovsky very personal. Here is what he said about it.

– Starting life in the movie, I made two animated films – “there once was a Kozyavin” and “Glass harmonica”. The latter was banned and I was sent to serve in the Armed forces of the USSR. Served two years on the westernmost point of the country in the marine corps. For family reasons for three days was allowed to go home. I was walking around Moscow in a very beautiful black overcoat, and black cap, standing out against the dull citizens hurrying to work. I met a friend, who was the grandson of writer Korney Chukovsky and son-in-law of the composer Dmitri Shostakovich. We with it together studied at VGIK, and he was the operator of my course work. Taking menja for the gold button, he began to gently twist and said, “you know what Shostakovich really liked your film”. “What?” – I asked. It turned out, “there once was Kozyavin” – a satirical pamphlet, where, by the way, was a picture of Shostakovich himself. I was so inspired by this news that he immediately rushed to the Union of cinematographers. Went into one of the rooms, where sat a young woman, which I really liked, and asked, “can You type?” “Yes,” she replied. “Then, please, write: “Dear Dmitry Dmitrievich…”. At that moment she looked at me like that I understood: he knows who the letter. I declared my love to the works of Shostakovich, because before me my parents and friends understood and felt what Shostakovich. I sent the letter. On the third day received a postcard from the hospital, where Shostakovich was. Remember verbatim what was written there: “I Will be glad if you use my music.” That’s the kind of delicate form! I asked his permission to film the Opera “the Nose.” It was in 1969. But it was time to return to the army and to continue the service. I wanted that wonderful woman who had printed a letter to Shostakovich, did not think that I can write only to him, and I began to write letters to her. And when I came back after the service, we got married. Soon our son was born – the future winner of the Rotterdam film festival. That’s what randomness is, and what visible effects they can cause. I thought it was important to establish a causal relationship, which is an ideal model of cinematic montage”.

In Russia, “the Nose, or Conspiracy “not” seen one. The premiere was not, and when she now held, it is difficult to say. But those few who managed to see the film, told the Director, as if in unison: it’s not about yesterday, not about today and not about tomorrow, but about always. Andrey Hrzhanovsky expressed the hope that “there will come a bright day and the hour not only for Russia but for the entire world, is experiencing gloomy days”. He is completing work on the script for the next movie and dreams that “God has given us the power to do.”