as soon As the country has lifted the isolation, pharmacies literally hit the sale of condoms. If to compare with March, then in June people were buying rubber products number two on 55% (!) less. Experts suggest that some couples are tired of love and has spent the quarantine reserves of strength.

On the reduction of pharmacy sales of condoms is confirmed by a report of the analytical Agency DSM Group. According to him, during the first week of June the Russians left in pharmacies 72,9 million roubles were spent on barrier contraceptives. The peak of sales of these products fell on the week of preparation for the mode isolation (16-21 March) – when people think condoms are almost 165 million roubles. Moreover, in the first week of June the sale is number two fell from the same period last year by 14%. DSM Group analysts believe the current decline, the most significant this year. In may 2020, people are also buying condoms less frequently than in may 2019. But if you go back to the same Martha, then, for example, in the period from 9 to 15 March, they acquired 84% more than in the same period last year. The increased demand persisted throughout March and April. The relationship between the sales of contraception and the regime of isolation is so obvious that it may not be evident.

Some experts suggest that, to buy for the future, many Russians overestimated their capabilities – so long as I use the old stocks. Meanwhile, a survey conducted among 20 thousand of Internet users, revealed how got the Russians, the regime of self-isolation. On average, people are tired of it 7.5 out of 10. This was the only ones who quarantine not bothered at all – 17%. What annoyed people the most? In the first place was the need to wear masks and gloves (32%). Another 22% are just tired of the fear of Contracting the virus. 14% lacked access to the leisure facilities. Curious, but only 3% are tired of on-sessions with children. But 82% of surveyed children do not interfere with work in the period of self-isolation.

Western companies, meanwhile, have studied in the surveys of consumer behavior in different countries. So, one study showed that more than 80% of the staff will be able to return to the offices only a year and a half. Until then they will remain or in the “home office” or will be coming to the offices on certain days, to comply with sanitary requirements number of employees on the premises.