“the Apartment with an area of 10-12 sq. m – not the most popular square, – noted in the company “Azbuka Zhilya”. The most attractive lots are apartments ranging from 18 to 27 sq. m. They buy, for example, students and young people up to 30 years who are afraid to take a big chunk of the mortgage.”

However, the site for real estate instantly gives dozens of variants of microstudy in different parts of Moscow. For example, for 1.95 million rubles, you can move into a flat of 9 square metres and 2.05 million rubles – 8.5 “square”.

Almost all of microstudio of the ads – on the first floors of apartment buildings. Explains the predilection for the lower floors by the fact that the vast majority of these apartments converted from a regular three and four. And to make a “wet area” above the living room is prohibited.

“the Studio is available in fractional ownership, explains one of the realtors. – A three-bedroom apartment share in the Studio and sell the parts.” While the Studio is 8.5 sq. m – only room in the apartment where the family lives. But if there are four buyers, ready to purchase of this three-pointers, each room and kitchen will be converted into Autonomous housing. To sell parts cheaper than the whole thing. “In each room start with the bathroom: shower cubicle, toilet, sink definitely. In the room on the wall will make the kitchen unit, there will be a electric stove, also sink, cooler with small. Sofa, Cabinet – will fit all”, – assured the representative of the seller 8-meter housing Elizabeth.

According to her, such microquantity take the first investors to take a short-term lease. “Business travel is coming to Moscow, he needs only to sleep. Sleeping place is. The next morning he got up, showered and left for work. Live in a small room like 3 days can. But, of course, for themselves or their children I would not want such an apartment,” – says the realtor.

This option is much better than, for example, a room in a communal apartment, although the prices are comparable, according to realtor Sergey, responsible for the sale of a 9-metre Studio. Bathroom, kitchen each, with neighbors see each other only in the common area, the former hallway. Each separate counters for electricity and water. The only common believes kilowatts in the hallway, his testimony is shared in proportion to the area of the rooms. “As an option for renting is very profitable, – said Sergey. Studios are much cheaper than odnushki. And the price of delivery is not so much less”.

On the primary market of real estate Studio with an area of 12 sq m offers in Moscow only one developer, says the managing partner of the company “Metrium” Maria Litinetskaya. “In the secondary market under the guise of studios often sell the room, in that, for example, moved the “wet spot”. Also a certain share offers represent a non-residential premises on the first eTarah who initially never intended to stay: buy them from the auction, the city, and then sold as apartments. Most likely, the studios will not be able to issue even temporary registration”, – said Litinetskaya.

“In my opinion, live in the Studio less than 18 “squares” impossible,” – says a leading expert of the office “Suschevsky” the company “MIEL” Evgenie Konoplyov. Even with a small bathroom you need at least two meters, to go to him more meter. Two meters is a sofa bed, still need at least a mini-stove, mini-fridge, sink, wardrobe to fit summer and winter clothes, shoes. Need a table, even a universal – and for food, and for work. Even in the 18-metre Studio after that, according to experts, will remain except that small passage.

For students and young managers of small square – not too big a problem. At home, they often just spend the night, enjoy Breakfast and dinner at the cafe. Meanwhile, lonely older people still prefer the Studio, and at least a “small families” in 21-22 meters, where a dedicated 4-meter kitchen and a bathroom with a hip bath. “Retired unlike the student, on the contrary, he goes out just to enjoy nature and the rest of the time is at home, reading the newspaper and watching TV,” says Konoplev.

“the Core buyers of studios are young and mobile people without children. They are not in the Studio around the clock, and are studying or building a career, therefore, limited the size of the apartment is not so critical”, says Litinetskaya.

Interested in ultra-compact housing and newcomers – for them it is a “starter” apartment in the capital, where they hope in a few years to move to more spacious.

the Limited dimensions of the housing demand a special approach to the organization of residential and work places, storage systems, says Litinetskaya. Because the kitchen is not separated, there is a need for a powerful extractor and technology with low noise. A suitable option will be convertible furniture or sets like “loft bed” where the working and sleeping space combined with storage. To expand the space can mirror, open shelving and cabinets that look less heavy.

you Can just extend the living space by arranging the room in a mezzanine for sleeping space or storage. But it is possible usually only in very old houses with high ceilings – at least 3.3 meters.