the Infamous Harvey Weinstein is 68 years old. In March he was sentenced to 23 years in prison for sexual assault. Given the age of the former film producer, this period seems like a lifetime. However, it seems that he will not be final. Against him being several cases and new allegations continue to pour in. This week another 4 women accused Weinstein of sexual violence, and another one of pedophilia, because at the time of when she was 18 years old.

Harvey Weinstein changed American life, however, it is unlikely he happy about that. It was his activity started the movement MeToo, in injuring the reputation of the public hundreds of Americans – both the guilty and the innocent.

in Fairness, the fault of the Weinstein anybody questions does not cause. And in this situation the lawsuits to continue to do, in addition to increasing the period for Weinstein, the plaintiffs can get a good compensation.

this time the claim is quite broad: in addition to Harvey Weinstein accused of crimes his brother and co-owner of “Weinstein Company” company Bob, and two major companies “Walt Disney Pictures” and “Miramax”. Fortunately, all except the Harvey Weinstein accused of “fostering a culture of silence.”

not difficult to guess, such a crime in American law was, and therefore it is rather an attempt to add the media of the flaring process.

the charges against Harvey Weinstein similar to each other. Three out of four women (who remain anonymous from the press) accused Weinstein of rape in the hotel rooms. The only difference is the location of the crime and his year: the earliest offense dates back to 1984 at the latest – 2013. Opportunity to file a claim after three decades came through the law of the state of new York, where it is noted, that sexual crimes have no Statute of limitations.

However, the fourth accuser insists that Weinstein against her acted not only as a rapist but as a pedophile. According to her version, at the time of attack she was only 17 years old, so she was still a minor under us law.

According to the version of this woman (for the purposes of anonymity the pseudonym Jane DOE II), Harvey Weinstein deception, she was lured to the hotel room. The producer promised the young actress a role, but when she did, he met her almost naked. According to the prosecution, the girl was not ready to have sex with the producer, however, Weinstein drove her to the corner of the room and bowed to the vicinity.

After the producer allegedly began ��to Groat girl. According to the prosecution, he promised that if she even told anyone about the incident, he “not only make it so she never starred in any film, but will force his colleagues to track her down and physically harm her and her family.” As told the victim, this threat kept her all these years from the filing.

Sam Harvey Weinstein denies all charges. He claims that the sex was, but by mutual consent. To prove how it really was now almost impossible. However, reputation plays against Weinstein – he is already recognized as a sex offender, and this will inevitably affect the course of the investigation.

In another situation the other defendants. They also deny all allegations and ready to defend themselves in court. Representatives of Walt Disney Pictures has said: “there is absolutely no legal grounds for claims against the company, and we will vigorously defend our innocence.” And I must say that their chances are much better than Harvey Weinstein.

earlier, Earlier, the jury found Weinstein guilty of forced oral sex his assistant Miriam’s Halai in 2006, and rape in the style of Jessica Mann 2013. On the other three charges the jury (amongst them were seven men and five women) considered that the filmmaker is innocent – is to get rid of it make the prospect of a life sentence.

in Addition to Los Angeles, Weinstein was accused of rape and sexual assault against two women (these episodes relate to 2013). In the event of his conviction, already convicted in new York, the producer is still facing up to 28 years in prison.