The deal to sell the newspaper “Vedomosti”, which belonged to JSC “Business news Media” (BNM) is closed, the new owner became JSC “Support”. This information “Kommersant” confirmed the CEO of BNM Gleb Prozorov. From other comments he refused. Constantine Zyatkov told “Kommersant” that the new owners plan to make an official announcement on Monday, 1 June.Recall, JSC “Support” is controlled by the founder of the “FederalPress” Ivan Eremin and publisher of the newspaper “Version” Konstantin Zyatkov. Formally “Support” it belongs to Sophia Polunino. In March it was reported that the newspaper will be sold to the managing Director of Arbat Capital Alexei Golubovich and Konstantin Zatkova. Later, Mr Golubovich came out of the deal, and Mr. Zyatkov found a new partner.Photo: may, Vedomosti, Forbes, The Bell and “Medusa” released the investigation, which reported that the debt on the loan, brought by Demyan Kudryavtsev to buy “Vedomosti”, passed to belonging “Rosneft” Bank RRDB. Later in an interview with TV channel “Rain” Mr Kudryavtsev said that this loan was repaid a few months ago and was brought to purchase other assets (EID Premium Publishing, formerly known as Independent Media), but the purchase did not happen, and the partner of Mr Kudryavtsev Dmitry Bosov refinanced its debt, moving it from Gazprombank in the RRDB. Buy “Vedomosti” cost him and partners of €13 million, he said on “Rain”.About selling Newspapers — in the material “Kommersant” “”statements” retained subscriber”.