In the future this may affect the operation of satellites.

Part of the Earth’s magnetic field is getting weaker due actively developing abnormalities, scientists say.

we are Talking about South Atlantic abnormalities, which is located off the coast of Brazil and South Africa, according to Newsweek.

In areas of magnetic anomalies, the magnitude or direction of the magnetic field vector is substantially different from the values in the neighboring areas. It is known that over the last 50 years South Atlantic anomaly grew. She shifted to the West at a speed of approximately 19 km per hour.

New data from satellites show that over the past 5 years South Atlantic anomaly may split into two plots, according to the European space Agency. The intensity of one of the sections weakened to the lowest levels.

changes in the magnetic field also influence the accuracy of navigation systems, the operation of the satellites, wireless communications and power grids.

According to the researchers, it is important to understand the processes that occur in the Earth’s core and cause growth abnormalities. She doesn’t threaten people, because the planet’s magnetic field is still quite powerful. But in the future the anomaly may affect the operation of the satellites, which will receive a large dose of cosmic radiation. Additional protection may be necessary, and the International space station.

Anna Lysenko

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