“Let’s pray that the Eid al quarantine is over,” – said a month ago, when began the Holy month of Ramadan, ordinary Muslims and clerics. Just as Christians in March and April prayed without quarantine to celebrate Easter. However, the epidemic does not discriminate denominations: quarantine measures are gradually relaxed, but before the authorization of mass events — such as collective prayers in mosques — until very far away. So Eid al-Fitr 2020 was held in “remote” mode. As in the first day of Ramadan, the streets were unusually empty. And not just near the Cathedral mosque, but on the outskirts of the metropolis.

for the First time in the modern history of the Moscow Cathedral mosque Eid ul-Fitr 2020 took place without the usual crowds of worshipers. Way to the mosque however, blocked from all sides. Police together with Asgardia actually turned out a lot. At least 20 buses. Among them the usual “keyway” with the personnel and trucks. There are paddy wagons with barred Windows-loopholes. Riot policemen jokes: “If it is necessary, then it should be, but nothing to start packaging customers are not waiting.”

On the question, “what if a group of believers will gradually begin to flock to, despite the entreaties of Muftis” police Lieutenant named Alex replied briefly: “neatly and politely ask that we get back home.” According to him, to be on duty at such events is much quieter than, say, at a football match. Or at the Bottom of the city, not to mention the rallies. “Here, at the Cathedral mosque, other public – mannered, obedient, never talks back. Even in past years when the pandemonium was, remember it”, – said the police.

Small groups of volunteers are on duty at metro station “Prospect Mira”. The task is simple: all who did not obey the call of the chief mufti of the country to stay home and celebrate the holiday with the family, and who still decided to go to the mosque to gently stop and warn of danger.

– Strange and scary to look at it – says “MK” volunteer Selimhan. – Last year was Packed, and now… sad. Before even they were unhappy with the flea market, someone is arguing for a place closer defends. Now all of this is lacking.

– And who wants to risk it? adds a colleague of Zelimhana Hayat. But the main thing is that President Putin and Supreme mufti asked: do not come, do not tempt fate. Therefore, hardly anyone comes. My friends, for example, will be Eid al-Fitr to meet online. And sad we will not – in the celebration you can not!

In this case, Hyatt admits, hard for him and his relatives, friends and acquaintances are given this self-isolation. No work, no money.

– Kill as they can, any temporary work take. – he explained. I traded food, good dinners, with flasks��soy and meat. Now, if an evil irony of fate barely scrape into the bowl of soup!

the Volunteers said that because of the epidemic of the coronavirus itself is reduced and the evening prayer.

– Today’s prayer-10am, not longer, says Hayat. – Previously? Spent many hours praying! People came and went, and prayer all extended and extended. Now decided short prayer online to spend. Yeah true, to be honest – to not take that risk.

Another mosque in the composition of a multicultural center in Otradnoye: as in the Cathedral, there is emptiness, silence and, in any case, a few of the police. In General, the strengthening of law enforcement officers is not noticeable: it was already the closest metro stations within a few kilometers there were people in uniform, prepared cordon. Trust Moscow Ummah or rely on a system of digital badges, which at least psychologically deters many house?..

the Other end of Moscow — Yuzhnoye Butovo, where a year ago for prayers was cooked the whole field — with tents for refreshments, translation services and so on. Now it is strange to remember that all morning subway train in the direction “from the center” was filled with people, and from the metro station “Buninskaya Alleya” it was a living river in the direction of the field. Now — as normal Sunday morning. More precisely, in the usual cold Sunday morning: some dog walkers, even runners not. What is clear: the permit regime in Moscow, in contrast to the region, which is close, yet valid.

Here, however, on almost every street corner there are crews of traffic police. “We carry out special operations” – a studied says the police captain, but if you look from the side, then brake almost all taxis (checking badges), many trucks and some cars; do not touch only drivers with “a pronounced Slavic appearance” and girls behind the wheel. And pedestrians, they are not terrible — although that’s two men working for 50 years run across the street from a wealthy gated community. Almost zigzagging away from the working DPS-nikov, literally vzhavshis into collars of jackets. Face carefully closed put masks.

– congratulations! smile. And the question about where prayed shrug: – All closed up, brother!

not Everything, it seems: closer to 9 o’clock in the morning in the city there are people in skullcaps and even with the mats under his arm. But very few of them are — one, and they go alone. “Noted house,” says young seller of dried fruits Ilkhom (for a second detracting from the video chat with the girl). But if “home” at the moment is a hostel, and the Muslims in it a lot, then here’s a collective prayer — much better!

With our friends, brothers celebrate Eid ul – says the plasterer-tiler ISAT. – Clandestine prayer is the wrong word, we are not extremists! But to come home is not prohibited. We are gathered here today, we were eight people. In the apartment where we are currently working. What passes took — I do not know, I have here a pass there, but I don’t go anywhere with the object. Well celebrated. But on Eid al still wants the mosque opened.