a non-Trivial way to accelerate the growth of plants in greenhouses found researchers from the ITMO University and Tomsk Polytechnic University. Scientists have found that if in special lamps used by growers to use the glass ceramics with addition of chromium, the plants get more light and grow better.

Special lamps used in industry and at home. These bulbs emit a purple light, this effect occurs when the simultaneous use of red and blue LEDs.

However, as they say in the ITMO University, such technology cannot fully replace sunlight. The fact that, for example, red diode, narrow spectrum, and the wavelength is about 650 nanometers. The plants can best absorb light at a longer length, these waves do not recognize.

Researchers from the two universities undertook to solve this problem. First, scientists found that when the ceiling lamp is best to use glass and glass-ceramic. The idea is that the glass in the cooking process a bit crystallized. With this technology, the material becomes more durable and its luminescent properties are improved. The researchers also added chrome to the mix, it gives a pinkish tinge.

In the end, the resulting material can emit light in both the red and infrared range. Researchers believe that if this technology is used to produce lampshades, the lamp can use any with blue LEDs, for example, and green. Color shade will play the role of the filter and the plants can get the light they need for growth.

the study is published in the journal Optical Materials.