the contribution of the Soviet people and the sacrifice he made during the war – “the main theme of a powerful and Patriotic” speech of the Russian President, stresses the newspaper.

Vladimir Putin paid great attention to the attempts of clearly anti-Russian to review the outcome of the war. The newspaper quoted the Russian President, “the manifestations of historical revisionism in the West”, which is dangerous and destabilizie “the principles of peaceful development” established by the allies in 1945.

In his article, Vladimir Putin, writes Le Figaro, criticized by some European countries and, first and foremost, Poland for their attempts to place equal responsibility for the outbreak of war in Germany and the Soviet Union, citing a “secret Pact” Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact (meaning the secret Appendix to the Pact). He also explained the reasons why the USSR went to the conclusion of this document. According to Vladimir Putin, says the French edition, “the USSR had no other choice in the conditions, when the British and French concessions to the Nazis in signing the Munich agreement in 1938, when the poles and “torpedoed” the emergence of the Alliance between Paris, London and Moscow.”

the conviction of the Russian leader, writes Le Figaro, “followed by the tragedy of Poland is fully on the conscience of the then leadership.”

Le Figaro drew attention to earlier Vladimir Putin and confirmed they article the initiative to hold a summit of leaders of five countries – permanent members of the UN security Council in order to discuss fundamental questions of world order. The newspaper singled out the proposal of the head of the Russian Federation on the joint search for ways out of the economic crisis the world is caused by a coronavirus pandemic.