Sati Kazanova decided to wait out the pandemic with his family in Kabardino-Balkaria. The singer and her family tried to comply with all security measures, but it did not save them from the disease.

the singer in conversation with the journalist of the website WomanHit suggested that she, her sister and mother could have been infected at the funeral of a friend. It is after this that the mother of the singer the typical signs of a cold. And then the health deteriorated Sati and her sisters. It was decided to pass the tests for the coronavirus, but they all came back negative.

But the mother of the singer has a cough and so Sati lucky woman on the CT itself is also tested. “We didn’t sign up, because for the next three or four days everything was booked. Through a friend and we charge barely achieved it,” — said Casanova.

According to the analysis of the mother of the singer was diagnosed with bilateral pneumonia. The woman is being treated in hospital, but Sati and her sister stay home and take vitamins and follow the advice of doctors. According to the singer, as soon as her condition stabiliziruemost she intends to return to Moscow and to get tested for immunoglobulins. According to singer, such a diagnosis is the most accurate.