it is now clear that 2020 will be abnormal for the housing market. According to experts, the number of transactions with new buildings for the year will be 2 times lower than in 2019. the Maximum activity of both sellers and buyers will be in August and September. By the autumn the economy will be revealed, and that this time can be significant price reductions. In this low-interest mortgage (at 6.5% per annum) is valid only through October. Together with the analysts, we tried to understand how best to behave to potential buyers and whether to start this with acquiring housing to relieve high alert.

mid— summer will be lifted restrictions that prevent obtaining the necessary certificates; buyers and sellers will go with cottages, will travel to the shows, the deals, the banks, — says the project Manager Dataflat.Ru Alexander Pypin. — Prices for second homes will continue to decline. The decline in the cost per square meter for secondary housing have not yet exceeded 2%, since the reduced number of active buyers and sellers. Listings of apartments is much less than did not, but half of them are actually inactive. Recording views “after the abolition of isolation”, “after returning from the city, after obtaining documents BTI”.

At the same time, the market has potential buyers, which in the conditions of falling of profitability of deposits, stocks, bonds and the negative Outlook on the economy want to “Park” free money. However, many of them require significant discounts to which the sellers of the secondary is not ready yet.

On the primary market, developers must maintain at least a minimum current cash flow, but to implement a plan for growth cost per square meter. So, on the one hand, prices in the public price lists continue to grow, but on the other — on the primary market in April has returned significant discount (on average about 2.5% and, in some cases up to 20%), which in recent months were on average 0.5%. In addition, on an unprecedented scale have reached a hidden discount due to the state subsidization of mortgage rates. As a result, the people who bought an apartment in April, will contribute a much smaller monthly payment than the March buyers.

However, the process of purchasing property in the conditions of isolation is not easy and fraught with many pitfalls. Now in the “fully online” (not leaving them at home) it is technically possible to carry out only the simplest of deals with housing, Bank transfer. These include purchase and sale of finished housing in the primary market or under contracts of participatory construction, including a mortgage loan, no alternative transactions on the secondary market without the participation of minors and the elderly.

bottleneck get��tion of digital signature and a certificate from the notary. Electronic signature will bring and authorizes the courier, and notary and a Bank employee can come to the house. However, not all companies and banks provide such services. For more complex transactions — with the alternative, the collateral, the presence of a minor, the parent capital calculations through the cell (in cash) without departure from the home buyer. He needs to visit banks, to be present at the transaction.

an Elderly seller in the secondary market must at least obtain a certificate from psychoneurological dispensary. It is better to provide the presence of a doctor on the transaction, and the transaction carried out by a notary. In principle, it is possible to do without it, but then for the buyer increases the risk of avoidance in the future. Security can only be achieved by personal meetings and the seller and the buyer. If the age of the representatives of both parties than 65 years, to carry out the transaction is impossible due to the regime self-isolation.

— Buying consists of several stages: the reservation of the lot, the signing of the contract, registration and payment transactions. Some of them have long been held online and are offered in almost all new buildings, while others have only recently been transferred to electronic format and are conducted with many limitations, — adds managing Director of the company “Metrium” (a participant in the affiliate network of CBRE) Hope Cork. — The concept of online transaction developers can attach a different meaning — the opportunity to register the transaction electronically to the full range of services (online payment, away mortgages, etc.). Many companies publicly claim this format, but specifies that the transaction is “without a visit to the sales office”. Leave the need to personally come to the Bank e.g. for a mortgage or payment. As a result, the buyer has in the transaction process learns that to violate the isolation still have, a distant sale is not in the full sense of the word.

There are a couple of important nuances. If the apartment becomes the client is married, he must obtain the consent of the wife, certified by the electronic signature of the notary. Without this electronic check transaction impossible. To make the consent possible only during a personal visit to the notary office — the alternative is not provided. And finally, when the residential complex will be completed, the buyer should be of acceptance, to sign the act of acceptance-transfer of the property and receive the keys to the apartment. Of course, in projects with a close deadline the house those activities may fall during the period of isolation.