that COVID causes irreparable blow to the liver, little was said, but it is. According to Chinese researchers, about 50% of hospitalized with coronavirus infection of the patients had liver problems. About it in exclusive interview to “MK” was told by the doctor of medical Sciences, Professor, Department of polyclinic therapy Department of the Moscow state medico-stomatological University n. a. A. I. Evdokimova, Leonid LAZEBNIK.

Leonid Borisovich, now many people are in isolation. Experts say that lack of exercise and over-nutrition factors create risks to the health of the whole body, including the liver. What to do?

– First of all, try not to overeat. It is extremely important to adhere to dietary regime: eat little, several times a day. In the diet should prevail in plant food. I recommend to completely abstain from alcohol and not to forget about exercise. Even in isolation we can walk around the apartment or walking around the house, if they are in the country. It is especially important to walk immediately after a meal.

what symptoms should pay particular attention to timely identify problems with the liver?

the First alarming symptom is shortness of breath, if she starts appearing in a familiar situation. The second weight gain. If the belt was too small, it is important to pay attention to your diet and health. No less dangerous symptoms include swelling of feet and heaviness in the right hypochondrium, and dry tongue, the appearance of bitterness in the mouth and yellowing of the sclera of the eye.

What about those who got infected with coronavirus? Is there any data on how it affects coronavirus infection on the liver?

– in the liver, especially in the cells of the bile duct, cholangiocyte, there are receptors, now known around the world, ACE 2 receptors, which may be contacted by proteins of the virus when infected. These receptors are present not only in cholangiocytes, but also in liver cells, hepatocytes, and gut. In China now there is evidence that approximately 50% of patients hospitalized with coronavirus, had signs of liver damage. Whether this defeat a virus issue, because the Chinese population is special: many Chinese people suffered or suffer chronic hepatitis B. In Russia the situation with this disease is through vaccination.

in people with chronic liver disease coronavirus infection is much harder. Chronic liver disease may be accompanied with diabetes type II diabetes, hypertension, atherosclerosis, coronary heart disease and increased cholesterol levels constitute additional risk factors, so you need to protect themselves from the virus. Now is the time to give the liver unloading or at least not to burden her. This is extremely important to follow a diet, but not eat at night. The last meal I recommend doing at least 6 hours in the evening.

– does the condition of the liver treatment the virus?

– unfortunately, Yes. All the drugs that are used to treat COVID-19, have hepatotoxic effects. In addition, a number of patients have other chronic diseases, such as tumors or tuberculosis therapy which also affects the function of the liver, worsens the condition. If the patient has the coronavirus, there are signs of liver damage, it is necessary to carry out hepatoprotective therapy in addition to antiviral. European society on studying of liver diseases and European society for infectious diseases also recommends that patients with liver failure to continue treatment. This therapy includes the drugs of the group of essential phospholipids, as well as hepatoprotectors, the reception which you need to consult with your doctor.

What liver disease is most common today?

– the Most common disease now a days – non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD), which some experts propose to call “metabolically associated fatty liver disease”. This name seems more correct. According to the studies that were conducted in Russia (the latter was in 2016), this disease can suffer about 50% of the population. The situation in other countries is about the same. In Russia it is distributed alcoholic liver disease and chronic viral hepatitis, most often, chronic hepatitis C and cholelithiasis. In terms of treatment, the main condition of its success is diet: limit fat, protein, meat and spicy foods and increase the amount of plant food in the diet. I repeat that it is extremely important to minimize the use of alcohol. Smoking is also very harmful to the liver, but dosed physical load is always going to benefit. My main recommendation for patients with overweight or obesity is the weight loss.

Why the treatment and recovery of the liver takes so much time, despite the ability of the liver to heal itself?

the Liver is a unique organ, which is really recovering very fast. However, the liver does not live by itself separate from the human body. The liver receives all the nutrients and all toxic substances from the intestines, so it is important to follow a diet. Everything we eat is digested in the stomach and begins to be absorbed in the duodenum: the products of harmful, and toxins. On this ��the CE enters the liver. If we treat the liver, but continue to use harmful products, the treatment can be not just years, but also useless.

the Function of the liver is caused by the microbiota that inhabit our intestines. The microbiota depends on food we eat. Our body is not adapted to the use of products containing a large number of substitutes and additives. The liver is the processing factory support-provide high-quality products. So I actively advocate for healthy eating.