a Number of leading foreign universities will continue distance education students in the new academic year. The first translation of all lectures online until the summer of 2021 announced the Cambridge. To the same solution, at least for the first semester, preparing the University of Manchester. As American universities began to cancel summer semesters designed for students who, earning himself to study, was forced to miss part of class during the standard academic year. Meanwhile, the majority of Russian teachers believe online learning is flawed.

In the current semester, the campus of Cambridge was closed because of the pandemic, and students studied online. Now the University administration has decided to extend this mode of learning for the whole next academic year:

“In pandemic, for all of the new academic year at Cambridge University cancelled the lecture with the presence of students. They will be available only online. The only exception is when the established social distance may be only classes with a limited number of participants”, – stated in the order.

In some cases, the participation of students in the classroom will be allowed, not specified. However, it seems that the ban applies to the lectures that collects the entire course, but the workshops with the courses, which enrolled few students, still allowed. However, in any case, this regime is introduced for the next academic year, until the summer of 2021: it will cancel only in the improvement of the epidemiological situation.

About the decision of the administration will shortly notify all students of Cambridge. How about the fact that, despite the obvious drift of schooling in the direction zaochku, “tuition for online students will continue in full, and all attempts to achieve price reduction will be left without consequences”,- warns the leadership of the University.

However, Cambridge is only the first swallow in the flock of foreign universities who have decided to pursue online learning in the next academic year. In the UK intention to follow suit has already announced Manchester University — at least for the whole first semester of school year 2020-2021. In the United States is so far not look. But the so-called summer semester for students, earning school, were forced to miss classes in the fall or spring, as, for example, at the University of Milwaukee has also moved online.

In Russia on the extension of virtual learning in the future school year has not yet spoken. However, not talking about the fact that training will return to full-time: Minister of education and science Valeriy Falkov only expressed the hope that the coronavirus doesn’t hurt to start exercising, as it should be, September 1.

Meanwhile, analysts began to find out what is the attitude in our country in the remotely��from education students and teachers. It turned out that ambiguous. According to the new poll, conducted by the Analytical center of the University “synergy” of loyalty to distance education said 58.6% of students and only 42.6% of teachers.

So, 62,1% of the students with the transition “on udalenku” became easier because there was the opportunity to plan their learning and free time. 11.1% of the students did not notice the difference, and only 26.9% of respondents said that learning has become more difficult.

With much less positive to the unusual format of the work attitude teachers: 63.8% of the interviewed teachers stated that the new form is more difficult to interact with students, 24.9% of teachers did not see the difference, and only 11.3% of the respondents work has become easier.

is it Possible to put an equal sign between “easier to learn” and improving the quality of teaching — a topic to which MK will definitely be back. Meanwhile, we add that, according to studies, “58.6% of students expressed a positive attitude to what next school year will begin in a remote format. 17.4 percent do not see the difference, how to learn, and only 24% negative attitude: was received for full-time and want to study full-time. Among the teachers of the votes are equal: 47,1% of the respondents are dissatisfied with the beginning of the new year in a similar format, noting that the University is an important social institution. 42.6% of teachers, on the contrary, I have noticed that online material for students to digest easier, because there is the possibility of revising the lectures. In addition, 52.3% of teachers reported that they lack of live communication. The students psychologically, the transition to distance education was given easier. Only 28.9% of students do not have live communication, another 23.9 percent of the house can’t force myself to study because of distractions”.