After a positive decision about the rest of the Crimean children in international children center “Artek” to get to the famous camp of the country will be able the best students and winners of various competitions. A mandatory condition for obtaining the permit will be a negative test for the coronavirus. This was at a meeting the operational headquarters for the counter-coronavirus stated Vice Prime Minister – Minister of labor and social protection of RK Elena Romanovskaya.

– Together with the Ministry of education and municipal authorities, we began to compile lists of children for health improvement in “Artek”, if such decision is finally taken, – said Elena Romanovskaya. – A must, of course, will be testing children is the safety of all who ride there.

According to the Deputy Prime Minister to relax during the first shift, which is expected to start June 1, will 1200 Crimean children.

Earlier, the head of the RK Sergey Aksenov said that in the case of a positive decision of the ICC “Artek” will open for the reception of the Crimean children, only two of the nine camps in which it is possible to fulfill all stringent sanitary requirements of the CPS. Required will be a permanent megablade and temperature measurement of the Artek campers. The season for children from mainland Russia started, most likely, not earlier than 1 July.

In turn, Director of the ICC Kostyantyn Fedorenko assured that “Artek” 100 percent ready for summer Wellness campaign, which in the camp strengthened sanitary measures.

– Special attention is paid to disinfection: has all the tools to ensure proper sanitary condition and comply with all the requirements of Rospotrebnadzor, – said Fedorenko. – In full children’s centre provided with equipment and medicines necessary for rendering medical assistance. Fully staffed medical professionals, which regularly holds training and refresher courses.