About 80% of Russians must be vaccinated or get sick with covid to achieve collective immunity. This is more than 90 million people, Russian Deputy Prime Minister Tatyana Golikova said on Friday.

” In order to live more calmly and return to a quiet life, we must have 80% [vaccinated or ill] – this is a big figure, just over 90 million people. Having named the figure of 45 with a little [million people who were vaccinated with at least one component of the coronavirus vaccine], I did not name the number of those who were ill [with covid] – it is officially published and changes every day&”,- she said, speaking at the marathon ” New knowledge".

Vaccination progress

About 45.4 million people in Russia have been vaccinated with at least one component of the coronavirus vaccine. 38.5 million people have already completed vaccination, the Deputy Prime Minister said.

& quot; When you ask the question about when we will achieve it [collective immunity] – it depends entirely on us. We expect that it will be autumn. Today, the number of vaccinated people in Russia is 45.4 million people who were vaccinated once, and 38.5 million are fully vaccinated, ” Golikova said.