More than 3.5 thousand beaches can be open in the summer season in Russia. As reported TASS the press service of EMERCOM of Russia, responding to a query, most of them in the Krasnodar territory and the Crimea.

"In 2019, there were more 3,78 thousand beaches. Today on the account – more than 3.5 thousand beaches. Their greatest number was registered in the Krasnodar region (more than 500) and the Republic of Crimea (more than 420)" – said the press service.

In the MOE noted that before the start of the bathing season, taking into account climatic characteristics of the region the State inspection on small size vessels (GIMS) of EMERCOM of Russia conducts annual survey of the beaches. In the process of checking and maintenance basic violations, usually related to the lack of designation of zones swim and rescue equipment beach diving bottom cleaning of the bathing area.

Also during the inspection, as emphasized in the press service, verify the availability and staffing of stations trained rescuers assess the technical condition of bridges, towers and other structures for descent and jumping into the water of children’s baths.

The requirement is the designation of the boundaries of swim in swimming areas, as well as an act of diving survey of a bottom of the beach within the boundaries of the swim and the lack of rental of small vessels, jet skis and other watercraft that threaten the life and health of vacationers and bathers.

Also within each beach must be placed stands with the rules of conduct and swimming, temperature data of air and water, scheme water area of the beach, indicating the depths and dangerous places. In addition, experts check the interaction rescue, medical, regulatory, law enforcement and other institutions.

Generally in most regions of Russia the bathing season begins on 1 June, but this year because of the pandemic coronavirus from the beginning of June the beaches to open can not. For each region, these terms will be different, depending on the epidemiological situation.