Professor Moscow state medical University named after I. M. Sechenov, the President of the Russian Association of public health Andrey Dyomin said that the risk for coronavirus, you can include the smokers and drinkers. About it reports “the parliamentary newspaper”.

According to him, nature has provided that people have all the organs and functions have a “certain margin”, have your “functional reserve.” Scientist noted that most smokers are “the reserves are exhausted before meeting with the infection.”

“Therefore, smokers and drinkers along with the chronic patients and elderly people can be attributed to the risk group of coronavirus,” — said Demin.

December 31, 2019, the Chinese government announced the outbreak of pneumonia in Wuhan. The causative agent is a new type of coronavirus SARS-CoV-2, which causes the disease COVID-19. March 11, the world health organization (who) declared the outbreak of the novel coronavirus pandemic.