Petrograd, recall, at a party defeated “Tambov” – 2:1, while “Loko” could not beat on the home field “wings of the Soviets” – 1:1, and “Krasnodar” in the final match of the round failed on the road with “Rostov” and settled for a draw with the same score.

the Significance of the southern Derby, often referred to as the confrontation between the Krasnodar and Rostov clubs, from the tournament point of view it was difficult to overestimate. “Rostov” in case of success could go to the third line, and “Krasnodar” victory would maintain second place lost points. Needless to say that a draw did not suit either side.

While the match was memorable, in a separate credit to the chief referee Vitaly Meshkov and helped him brigade of videoassisted (VAR). No, serious mistakes the judges were avoided, but at the cost of the longest match in the history of the Premier League, that is since 2001.

“Krasnodar” opened the score just 13 minutes after impact, Andreas Berg, and almost brought the game to victory. However in extra time the visitors ‘ defender Cayo elbow inadvertently blocked the path of the ball after discounts rostovchanina Maxim Osipenko. Penalty? He Bags violations in the dynamics of the episode have not noticed: on the possibility of a foul the referee pointed to the videoassisted. However, concrete solutions from VAR Bags did not wait and personally went to the screen to watch the replay. Only Vitaly was convinced that the ball still had a place and pointed to the spot, emerged as a new doubt, they say, and if Osipenko at the time of filing the offside? And again the weary waiting ended with a verdict: was not. In the end, a penalty converted ivelin Popov – 1:1.

the Team collectively played 111 minutes 15 seconds. It’s too long even for the new VAR. Therefore, it is clear some of the frustration of the head of the Department of refereeing in the Russian football Union, Viktor Kassai, despite the fact that the decision itself Meshkov he approved.

– We are unhappy with how much time was spent. From the date of the violation to penalties, it took more than 8 minutes is unacceptable for professional football – said the Hungarian.

By the way, the head coach “Rostov” Valery Karpin, by his own admission, saw the violation almost immediately.

– I would Not like to speak about refereeing, – said the expert. – About hits of the moments and long assignments a penalty in gate “Krasnodar” has nothing to say. Watched and watched. I even after one replay I saw, it became clear: it’s a penalty. I do not understand why they stared.

And the coach Murad Musayev with the painfully assigns a penalty and not agreed to.

– unfortunately, our gate was set controversial penalty, – stated the head coach “Krasnodar”. – In KoTory times this happens. In the past year in the fight for a place in the Champions League intervened blunders of the judge. If this continues, it is possible to finish the championship. Regarding our game, we knew that in the end not strong enough. It was necessary to score the second goal. Not to give away the initiative.

the Chief beneficiary of the draw, the don was “Zenit”. Zenit can be Champions on Sunday, if you beat the visiting… all the same “Krasnodar”. However, this requires another condition: “the locomotive” lags behind the leader on 11 points, have in his field to yield “Sochi”.

– these hands are not very concerned about, he shared his opinion on the “Golden” race Murad Musayev. – We focused on your game. It is clear that Sunday will be the top match, it is no need to configure. Look forward to it! The main thing – to recover and approach it head-on.

let’s Add, that on the basis of 25-th round occurred the first coach’s resignation after the restart of the season. After the home defeat from the “Akhmad” (1:3) leadership of the Tula “Arsenal” dismissed Igor Cherevchenko of the club last year for the first time in its history took part in the competition. But anyone today care about old achievements. “Gunsmiths” had a good run at the distance, at some point was a serious contender for re-release of the European competition, but a defeat in the last five matches have rejected Arsenal as much as tenth place. And conclusions were not long in coming. In the vacant coaching seat already make a match Yury Semin, but until the matches the team will prepare Sergey Tan, coached the farm club of the Tula “the chemical Arsenal.”

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