a Musician Sergey Shnurov reviewed a dispute with producer Joseph Prigogine, who said about the plight of the stars in the quarantine. According to singer, the crisis showed that people have no need for a “fake” artists.

After Instagram battle with producer Joseph Prigozhin, the leader of group “Leningrad” Sergey Shnurov came to the conclusion that the work of the stars “a little unnecessary”. He decided to draw a line under a dispute about the situation of artists during a pandemic, and he wrote his thoughts in a column on the website

“Noise I was a little on the week. Jokes, poems rhymes, but let’s think: what is this “conflict” meaning? What problem does it have highlighted? That it sharp? Not “matuhi” on the Internet. This is the case then the usual — began Cords. — I assume the main issue, so to speak, came up, — why our “stars” do not have wide support, it would seem, their audience?”

He noted that in response to complaints from artists about economic hardship people are advised them to go to work and look at idols with “undisguised and malevolent grin”.

“Surely no one is waiting for their new songs or even just appearances? And why before the crisis they were living like the stars? But in an instant everything disappeared. Where are their loyal fans?” — asked the musician.

According to Shnurov, the popularity of most of these people is a “fiction and a myth, which they serve from the last “creative” forces.”

“I’ve asked a naive question — why they bought subscribers, stranded views, fake likes, if the halls do they gather? What they the image of success, if it is not? he continued. — People they are not interested. Area their attention and creative obsession is corny, the budget money and comrades, distributing them”.

The place where the “variety in the feathers” and budget money, the musician has called for spectators free city events.

“Explain the scheme: if you “star”, and your “producer” — with relationships, the basic checkout you do not concerts for the tickets, and all sorts of “town days”. For their money on these “show” no go,” — said Cords. These fake stars are not fed the audience, and the orders for “blue lights”.

Federal music television it is also called “poor”, stressing that it was created “not for people”.

“There are other problems. Superiors for reporting, and so, for the soul, — saying, “the star” we have a real, I am attaching the screenshots of likes and views, and the flickering in the TV benefit, — said Cords. — And you ask, why such dismal performances? Yes, it is the viewer does not need. There is no economic interest in the audience. Played “che-NID Yes NID”, importantly, “Huber” then sit down, that’s where you need to try. Therefore, support from people they will not wait. That’s the whole story. And while such “riffraff” would do is we art, about any art of the question”.

“The theatres are closed, no performances, no rehearsals, filming there! Players have the advantage that even in an empty stadium, but they can continue to earn a living. A viewer is not live. And even the accordion with a drummer who cheer the players on matches of the championship of Belarus, to play shows will not help”, — said the actor.

Earlier Prigozhin told about the plight of artists during a pandemic, referring to the top ten celebrities. In response Cords in Instagram wrote a caustic poem in which asked people to chip in stellar family for food. A dispute in which Prigogine was trying to prove, that meant aspiring musicians and actors and artists of crowd scenes and the circus. Then celebrity exchanged remarks about each other, after which Shnurov said that ends the dispute, and called opponent curse words.