On the fifth day of mass protests against the arrest of the Governor of the Khabarovsk territory revealed that the residents of the regional capital protesting is absolutely wrong. “Such rallies in the city does not need — said the countrymen this critical information to the mayor of Khabarovsk Sergey Kravchuk. — They are illegal and detrimental to the health of all those who take part in them… There are legitimate ways through which one can Express their protests and to convey to the government their wishes.”

That’s always the most useful tips is why some are always late. No to Sergei Anatolyevich spoke at the beginning of the protest campaign, when the festival was first poured into the streets. Would come out to people and completely explained in detail, what they are wrong. And how to protest correctly. You see, and heed the citizens would wise counsel, would not aggravate iniquity.

But whether hamstring the mayor was not strong enough… Although what is right, to be afraid of? Too, because a no chosen people. And the party, from which he was elected, the “United Russia”, if you believe the polls, still the most popular in the country. Whether Kravchuk was not able to immediately figure out what forms of protest to present as legally correct alternatives.

However, explanations about such forms are not followed now. And no wonder. And in fact after fact think what to suggest to replace, in order not to run into accusations of sophisticated mockery. Agreed meeting? But, first, agreement would have to wait at least 10 days: this is the minimum period divides by the law of the date of filing the application and carrying out of the action.

And second, Kravchuk in his statement made it clear that he such a meeting would never have agreed that due to the complicated epidemic situation. “According to statistics, one carrier of a coronavirus infects six or seven in the crowd worries the mayor. — Well, if there (at the rally. — A. K.) was not sick, but I’m not sure.”

What remains? To write letters? But who? The President? He, as we all know, the investigators did not intervene. But the consequence even more useless: it is strictly guided by the criminal code and the criminal procedure code, without being distracted to any “request of the workers”. Well, sometimes, they say, is political expediency. But this is anecdotal evidence.

In General, with all the richness of choice of alternatives of spontaneous street actions in society, alas, no. To abandon them is equal to be like the hero of the famous and not quite decent joke about the wise Caucasian and his foolish son, changed presented a pistol at his watch. Beloved, by the way, Vladimir Putin. We give an adapted version of this story performed by the President himself:

“the former officer’s son comes to him, he is the son of sprachIvet: “Son, I have a cutlass was. Have you seen Dirk?” He says, “Dad, don’t swear. I changed it from a boy from a neighboring yard on your watch.” He says, “Show me.” Looked. “A good watch, well done. Know tomorrow will come to us bandits and robbers, they will kill me, mother will kill you, your older sister raped, and you will come out and say: good evening, Moscow time 12 hours 30 minutes.”

the President, of course, were talking about something else — about the need to strengthen the defense of the Motherland. But bearded Hochma is quite applicable to the topic of instruments of the political struggle. If you deprive a population of the right to mass street protests, he really any frills power will remain only answer: “Moscow time is 12 hours and 30 minutes.”

However, as the Khabarovsk experience, to take away that right impossible. Notice, by the way, note the words of the mayor about the “illegality” rallies contrary to the actual state of Affairs. The illegal rallies are actually stopped within the law. However, Khabarovsk protests are not met — at least so far — any opposition from the authorities. Had not been opened, as far as we know, neither administrative, nor criminal cases.

in other words, nothing illegal in these actions of “competent” authorities, it turns out, did not see. Although very similar bursts of discontent that occurred a year ago in Moscow, during the campaign for elections to the Moscow city Duma, the reaction was completely different: batons, broken limbs, repulsed the insides, arrests, criminal cases. But it is strange only at first glance. As already mentioned, the author of these lines is allowed by the logic of power that it does not prohibit.

to Cope with the Moscow protests a year ago, when the streets came a fraction of a percent of the population of the metropolis, she was able to without any problems. At least technical problems. The number of Khabarovsk “rebels” is, according to conservative estimates, 10 percent of the city’s residents, and this activity of the masses of the officials is clearly not in the teeth. Participants of such shares, they can only mildly to blame for neglecting their health and produce a noise.

“We received over two dozen calls with complaints on the noise — sad in Khabarovsk city hall. — In the elderly pressure, graduates are not able to get enough sleep before the exams…” you Can, of course, sympathize with the grandparents and graduates, but this noise is a direct consequence of the constitutional structure of the country. “The only source of power in Russia is its multinational people” — says the Basic law. And a lot more to say about the Federal structure.

in view of these principles it would be unnatural, the absence of noise. If “source of power”, two years ago, secured a resounding victory in the gubernatorial election Furgala, now, ingoing as “people’s Governor” put in handcuffs on the plane,”funnels”, just understand nodded: “Moscow knows better!”

kind of farewell were described Saltykov-Shchedrin in his “history of one city”: “it was a warm moonlight night, when gradonachalnitskaya house drove a wagon. Benevolensky a firm step went to the porch and was about to bow on all four sides, as with embarrassment saw that the street is empty, except for the two gendarmes. As usual foolovites in this case surprised the world with his ingratitude, and, as soon as he learned that the mayor has bad, so immediately deprived him of his popularity”.

a Similar carefree way separated until recently, with its chiefs and inhabitants of modern Russia. However, as we see, contrary to popular aphorism something in our country is changing not only ten, but even for 200 years. And this fact of power — especially Federal power — would have to be considered.