Alla Pugacheva charmed rocker Vladimir Kuzmin, when he was married, said the “Source” the first wife of musician poet Tatiana Artemiev. According to her, the diva herself to admit it.

Kuzmin and Artem were married in 1977. In marriage they had three children. This, however, was for the musician obstacle to romance with Alla Pugacheva. In 1985 rocker left the family.

In a recent interview with “Interlocutor” Tatyana Artemyev said that the diva has bewitched her husband. About Pugachev alleged she said on one of his birthdays. According to the poet, a loud statement then plunged all the guests in shock. However, this was not the only controversial statement of the night: the singer also noted that “sold his soul to the devil” for eternal youth.

Earlier, as reported “the Rambler”, Vladimir Kuzmin on air of the program “the Destiny of man” openly talked about the relationship with Alla Pugacheva. The stars became close after sharing a tour in Germany. The diva, he said, wanted to make him king of the domestic pop scene, but he opposed it. In particular, because of the differing views of music, the couple broke up.