In Moscow will be the smallest bar in the world with an area of three square meters. This writes the “Moskvich Mag”.

A new place called “the Threesome” will open on Saturday, August 8, on-site bar in the cluster “trade Union”, which occupied the building at the metro station “Novoslobodskaya”, which was formerly a publishing house “Young guard”. To fit in the bar can take only two visitors and a bartender.

Serves classic cocktails and more. Feed some of them will be accompanied by a 30-minute immersive performance. In the first week of the institution to the bearer of the card “Troika” will pour a free drink.

As noted, “Muscovite Mag”, previously the title of smallest bar in the world belonged to Milan Back Door 43, where both could be four. However, Moscow “three-way” was even less.