The daughter of actress Anastasia Zavorotnyuk Anna is not sick coronavirus infection COVID-19. This she announced in her instagram.


Publish from @anna_zavorotnyuk 7 Aug 2020 2:05 PDT

The day before yesterday, as reported by “the Rambler”, Zavorotnyuk, Jr. said that he is very very sick, the symptoms resemble those that come with a cold (cough, nasal congestion, increased body temperature), passed the two tests for the presence of coronavirus infection and pending the results locked himself in his room.

Today she said that both tests came back negative, now she feels much better, leaving only small residual effects.

Zavorotnyuk Jr. expressed relief that not ill, coronavirus infection, because very afraid to infect older relatives with whom he lives. She also thanked the doctors for the sensitive, attentive and caring attitude towards her.

“in General, our doctors now, of course, make feat. They risk themselves, without fear, come to us, the sick, and save us. Low bow to them!” — added Zavorotnyuk, Jr.