the Ex-husband of actress Evelina Bledans television producer Alexander Semin on his page on the Instagram page has posted a video, which they shared with the artist’s son Simon plays with her younger sister. The baby was born with Semin in the new family.

posted on a social network the video shows how children lying together in the hammock. Son of Evelina Bledans takes the little girl a song, says compliments, and kisses her hand. It is worth noting that Semin showed her daughter’s face on the Network. “Krasotulechka! Love you, sister,” Milo says Sam in the video.

Publish from Dad SEMA (@semensemin) 28 Jun 2020 at 3:41 PDT

In review for publication subscribers called the video very touching.

Recall that Alexander Semin and Evelina Bledans broke up in 2017, after 7 years of marriage. After the divorce, they managed to keep a good relationship. Television producer and actress together and raise their son Seeds.

In December 2109 year Simon got married four months ago the couple was born a girl.