During the pandemic in the world recorded 10 249 460 cases of coronavirus COVID-19, including 163 172 per day. The growth rate of “leaders” of the United States, Brazil, India, Russia and South Africa.

the Number of cases of coronavirus in Russia amounted to 634 437. 073 9 patients died, 399 087 recovered. The amount spent in the country of the tests exceeded 19 million.

Podmoskovny oberstab provided information on city districts of the Moscow region.

interactive Yandex map contains data for all regions of Russia and other countries.

In USA during the day there were 40 540 cases, their total number amounted to 637 2 077. During the pandemic died 128 437 patients recovered 1 093 456.

In Brazil the number of cases increased by 29 313, amounting to 1 345 254. 57 658 patients died, 733 848 recovered.

India remains in third place in the growth and on the fourth by the total number of cases, these numbers amounted to 19 620 and 549 197, respectively. During the pandemic died 16 487 patients recovered 321 774.

Russian President Vladimir Putin said that the country has all the necessary features to adequately get out of the situation with the pandemic coronavirus.

the Government of the U.S. state of California is ready once again to close bars in several cities due to the increase of the rate of spread of coronavirus in the region.

In Ireland shall enter into force on the third phase of the phased lifting of restrictions taken against the background of the pandemic coronavirus.

the President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko suggested that the background of the “redivision of the world” between the US and China pandemic COVID-19 could be engineered. Informed his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin pointed out the lack of evidence of artificial origin, coronavirus.