The election race in the United States returned the theme of “Russian intervention”. Likely democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden has accused Donald trump of the betrayal of the US military in Afghanistan and failing to protect them from Russia. His announcement came as a response to the publication of the newspaper the New York Times reported that Russian intelligence allegedly paid to the Taliban for killing American soldiers. After that, in the Russian diplomats in the United States began to receive threats. Respondents ‘ b ‘ experts believe the scandal of pre-election attack on Donald trump and his plan of a settlement in Afghanistan. According to them, the main players in Afghanistan are not the US and Russia and Pakistan and “al-Qaeda” (banned in Russia).A loud statement Joe Biden was heard on Saturday during his video conference with representatives of the Latin American community. The occasion was the new theme of “hostile acts” against the United States Russia, which, as before reported, the New York Times, Moscow is not only in America but also in Afghanistan.”For me it was the most awful shock. If the Russian military unit had offered a reward extremist group in Afghanistan for the murder of our soldiers, and trump many months knew about it, it’s beyond reasonable, it is a betrayal of the most sacred services, which are our military”,— was indignant Joe Biden. “Never would I not wish the families of the military even in a nightmare to imagine that their President turns a blind eye to the fact that the head of their loved ones offer a reward,” he continued. “If I’m elected President, there’s no doubt that Vladimir Putin will get a decent response, we will take serious actions against Russia,” said Mr. Biden.Thus, a New York Times article gave the start of a new long-running scandal in Washington. Citing unnamed sources in the secret service, the New York Times reported that a division of Russian military intelligence allegedly secretly paid to militants of the banned in Russia, the Taliban (banned in Russia), that they were killing soldiers of the international coalition of the US and NATO. According to the newspaper, that “Russian” sponsor hunting the Taliban for the Americans, US intelligence agencies informed the administration of the tramp a few months ago and this issue was even discussed in the March meeting of the Council U.S. national security at the White house. However, no steps to counter Moscow had been taken, although the US administration was prepared different options — from “diplomatic protests and demands to stop the practice until a series of possible sanctions.”Apparently, the publication of the New York Times caught the President’s team by surprise. Angry denials, fake news, this time not sounded. The statement from the press Secretary of the White house kaylie Makanani referred only to “material inaccuracies the New York Times, containing erroneous assumption that a President trump was informed on this issue”. But on Sunday, for this reason clearly expressed itself Twitter Donald trump, calling the publication “another bridge” newspaper.The Russian foreign Ministry a New York Times article caused a predictable outrage. “This simple stuffing is illustrative of the low intellectual abilities of promoters from American intelligence, which is the invention of something more reliable you have to come up with such nonsense,”— said in the Russian diplomatic Department.”The publication of the New York Times, according to which Russia was paying the men in the Taliban for attacks on U.S. military in Afghanistan has created a direct threat of life of employees of the Russian embassies in Washington and London,” said the Russian Embassy in the United States. The Russian Embassy in Washington urged New York Times “to stop producing fake news, because of which people’s lives may be in danger”.”The Taliban for many years were paid not by us but by the NATO — in order to refrain from attacks on US troops and NATO. If not for a secret agreement with the Taliban, which had to appease the losses of US troops and NATO would be much more”,— said “Kommersant” Deputy Chairman of the Russian Union of Afghanistan veterans, retired Colonel GRU Vladimir Koshelev.”Version that the Russian military intelligence allegedly paid to the Taliban for the killing of Americans seems absurd already for the reason that the Taliban and so kill Americans for free. However, given that the NATO troops somehow kept the Taliban at the southern borders of the CIS, to conduct against him some of the special operation would be illogical. As for the topic of settling accounts between the security forces, their war is waged, but other methods,” adds Vladimir Koshelev.”Lasting for 19 years, Jihad is not obliged to anything to any intelligence agencies or foreign countries”,— assured the representative of the movement of Zabihullah Mujahid. “These rumors are spread to create obstacles to the withdrawal of US troops”,— he added, pointing out that peace in Afghanistan should lead the implementation of the agreement signed 29 February, between the Taliban and the United States.”The assertion that the Taliban are fighting on their own, were of a propaganda nature. Without external support to conduct such a large operation, they could not. However, the real sponsors of the Taliban is not a Russian or us intelligence agencies, and the Interdepartmental intelligence of Pakistan (ISI). In this regard, the main external beneficiary of the peace agreement with the Taliban in the event of a US withdrawal from Afghanistan will be Pakistan, after the legalization of the Taliban receiving gorazdo more powerful leverage on Afghan politics”,— said “Kommersant” a senior researcher at the Institute of Oriental studies Vladimir Sotnikov.Another sponsor and a support group of the Taliban along Pakistan remains the group “al-Qaeda”, fighting which in 2001 led to the creation of the international coalition led by the United States and the overthrow of the Taliban regime. The report of the European Fund for South Asian studies (EFSAS), referring to sources from the UN and on the progress of the February agreement between the U.S. and the Taliban, it is noted that one of the key points of the agreement — the agreement that the Taliban will abandon its ties with “al-Qaeda” is missing.Recall that the agreement with the U.S. the Taliban have pledged not to allow one of its members or other groups, including al-Qaida to use Afghanistan to attack the US and its allies.However, the report EFSAS referencing published June 1, analytical study of the UN Committee on sanctions against “Islamic state” (banned in Russia) and “al-Qaeda”, notes that “top management “al-Qaeda”, as hundreds of its fighters remain in Afghanistan in territory controlled by the Taliban”. The “Taliban” regularly consulted “al-Qaeda” even during negotiations with the United States and promised to continue to “respect their historic context”.Sergey Strokan