During the pandemic in the world recorded 10 992 462 cases of coronavirus COVID-19. The increase amounted to 208 864, for the first time of a pandemic being over 200 thousand. Russia ranked third after USA and Brazil in the total number of cases and the fifth after the US, Brazil, India and South Africa on the increase.

In Russia, recorded 661 165 cases of coronavirus, died on 9 683 patients, recovered 428 978.

In social networks are presented the data on city districts of the Moscow region yesterday.

Information for all regions of Russia and other countries listed on the interactive map Yandex.

In USA record for the country, an increase of 57 236. During the pandemic in the United States COVID-19 fixed 2 837 189 once, 131 of 485 patients died number recovered amounted to 1 091 191.

In Brazil the number of cases increased by 47 984, exceeding a million and a half and making 1 501 353. 61 990 patients died, 916 147 recovered.

the Increase in India, as in the United States, was highest during the pandemic the number of cases in the country rose by 21 948, amounting to 168 627. Died 18 225 patients recovered 379 902.

Authorities in Chicago decided to introduce a two-week quarantine for arriving in town from the States, where it recorded an increase of cases of infection with coronavirus, said Friday the mayor of the city Lori Lightfoot.

Florida’s Largest district with administrative center city of Miami imposes a curfew in connection with the pandemic. This was stated by the mayor of the County of Miami-Dade County Carlos Jimenez.