Fisherman from the U.S. state of Texas with his father caught a 90-pound alligatorsoul pike. It is reported by the Laredo Morning Times.

Jesse Gonzalez (Jesse Gonzalez) caught fish in the river Rio Grande. “Caught this monster while fishing with his father, — he wrote on his page in social networks. The fish fought like the devil, and even broke my rod”. The record has collected more than 800 likes.

When the fish was measured, its length was approximately two meters and a weight of more than 90 pounds.

Gonzalez said he was proud of the catch. But much more pleased that he had a nice time with his father, who in childhood taught him fishing.

Mississippi pancernik or alligatoridae pike is one of the largest freshwater fish. The length of this species can reach three meters and a weight exceeding 130 kg. They are found in North and Central America, but from time to time you catch them outside their natural habitat. In particular, the Mississippi billfish seen in the Caspian sea, India, Hong Kong and Singapore.

Earlier it was reported that a resident of the U.S. state of Oklahoma caught a large paddlefish and set a world record. He managed to pull the fish with a length of 179 cm and a weight of 66.5 kg while fishing on lake Keystone.